Meet Sheriff – Adopted!

Sheriff is a sweet, loving, mellow gentleman who somehow ended up in a high kill shelter as a “stray” at what should be his golden years of life. At the shelter he became depressed and would not get up, and ran the very likely risk of being put to sleep if not adopted or rescued.
Sheriff is a low maintenance boy, asking for very little in life. Housed trained and with excellent manners, he is a pleasure to have around, with no major health issues other than advancing age. When we bring his leash he becomes excited to go on a walk, which is very beneficial for him and his mobility. He walks well on his leash, enjoying the smells and meeting other dogs and their people. Although mostly beyond his active, playful years he enjoys the company of his foster fur brothers, hanging outside with them in the yard while they chase their balls. He will stand next to you forever when he is getting attention, never tiring of being loved on. He is in an active home where many dogs and people visit, and he is enthused when meeting all of them.
As stated earlier, Sheriff does not demand very much. A single story home with no stairs would be best for him. Even though he would do fine as an only dog, he would enjoy the company of a few like minded dogs to keep him company as he enjoys his golden years.
Sheriff’s ID# 4420