Meet Stan!

Meet happy-go-lucky Stan! Stan is 7 years old and is a calm, loving dog who just wants to spend time in his quiet home with his human companion(s). Stan was turned in by his family (which consisted of 2 adults and young kids) who could no longer care for him due to a change in their home situation.

He is very happy when meeting new people and greats newcomers with a wagging tail. He tends to be a bit reserved but easily opens up after spending time with him. Stan’s previous owners had a small dog and his fosters have two large dogs. He got along well with the small dog and is getting along nicely with his new roommates now with some help of a trainer due to some early on dominance issues. Sometimes he even ventures to play with them. He doesn’t need another dog for companionship and would much rather spend time in the same room with people. It is unknown how he interacts with cats.

His personality continues to develop and he is enjoying his new found love for stuffed animals. He is very gentle when the toy is taken from his mouth. He is also very gentle when accepting treats.

Stan will be submissive if he is the only dog. He will try to take the dominant position in a family with other dogs. This is easily resolved by ensuring that the pack order is upheld. The fosters overcame this by feeding the other dogs first and having him watch as well as making sure he walked behind the other dogs during walks. He does tend to have some food aggression so it is best that he is fed separately from other dogs.

Stan is showing more affection each day that he is with his fosters. He now sleeps next to their bed but wants to sleep on the bed. Unfortunately, the other dog has claimed the available space so he hopes he can find a family that is willing to share the bed with him.

He has a good appetite and, like most pets, he loves to beg for food with his beautiful brown eyes. He will gladly accept any food offer.

He is fairly housetrained and is learning quickly with regular visits outdoors. It is best if he is fed outdoors because soon after he is fed he will need to use the restroom

He doesn’t know any commands but is very polite. Some basic training may be beneficial but is certainly not necessary with his calm disposition. He will alert his fosters that people are walking along the fence line by an assertive bark then will come back looking for praise. Continuous reinforcement of potty training would be helpful as we believe that he was mainly an outdoor dog so being indoors is new for him. Stan can be trusted to stay home alone if his owner has to go to work or run errands.

We feel Stan would do best in a low activity home that is fairly quiet. Having another dog in the home would depend on the current dog, the home life and willingness to work through possible issues. If you feel Stan would be a perfect fit in your home and you have completed an adoption application with our rescue and have already had your home interview please write to Kris @ to let me know how well Stan would fit in your home.

Stan’s ID# is 4447. At 7 years young, his adoption fee is $350