Meet Trigga – Adopted!


Meet Trigga, aka Tigger, aka the “Medical Miracle” dog. He was dumped at the Carson shelter in rough shape-originally pegged at about 12 years old, severely obese, with untreated Cushing’s disease, a horrific skin infection long left to fester, and suffering from pneumonia. At the shelter, he was unable to walk, and was lying in his own urine and feces. His prognosis was very grim, with euthanasia scheduled if a rescue would not step up for him.

During his stay in foster, after a somewhat rocky start as our vets did not know what to treat him for first, there was a moment he seemed to be getting better until, after a few days, he stopped eating and woke up one morning with his ankles swollen, once again unable to walk. We really were that close to thinking we needed to make a decision about whether this was a quality of life we wanted him to have, but his foster mom was determined, refusing to give up on him so easily, and brought him back home with her for one last attempt to turn things around again. And turn around they did-with massages and elevation (and lots of TLC and devotion) the swelling went away, he started eating and walking again, and he truly turned the corner and began the road to recovery. Now, two months later, he has lost about 25 lbs, his pneumonia has cleared up with no complications of any kind, and his Cushing’s disease is under control with the lowest dose of medication necessary.

Tigger is the happiest boy you would ever want to meet. From day one, even at the shelter unable to rise, this boy’s tail has never stopped wagging, which it continues to do to this day. He loves everyone-people, kids, dogs, and likely cats too. He loves his short to medium length walks, and loves to ride in the car, head hanging out. He loves his foster fur siblings, and enjoys playing and interacting with them, and once he himself has had enough, he is then content to just watch the younger ones play. He likes bananas A LOT, and takes the only medication he is now on with a GoGurt-he will happily sit and eat it from the tube. He is perfectly potty trained, has good house manners, and asks for very little other than to hang out with his family.

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Tigger is an even tempered, sweet, and mellow soul. He is very quiet-his foster parents have never even heard him bark. He likes being with his pack, both human and canine, and being where the action is. He can have a little stubborn streak when he wants something, or wants to go on a longer walk, but he can usually be coaxed to change his mind. While he would do fine as an only dog, he would probably really enjoy a canine companion to while away the day with. He can be trusted to say home alone-he has no destructive tendencies (other than disemboweling his stuffed toys) and tends to just nap when his mom is gone. He craves constant attention and love, and will give you twice as much in return, and he would love nothing more than to finally find his own loving family who will give him everything he has never yet had in life. He will make a wonderful addition to any number of families. If you would like to be considered to be Tigger’s new family, please contact his rep at 

Trigga’s ID# is 4426