Meet Troy – Adopted!

Please only inquire about Troy if you have completed an adoption application with our rescue AND had your in-home interview.

Meet young, active and handsome purebred 11-month old Troy!

Troy came into the rescue from an older gentleman who raised several Goldens from the puppy stage up and realized that he is no longer able to keep up with such a youngster and knew that Troy needed a new family who is able to keep up with him properly.

Besides being gorgeous, Troy is sweet, loving and affectionate. Most likely because of his age, he is usually always in play mode and would prefer to go on a walk or wrestle with his foster brother/dog. However, when he is tired, he enjoys cuddling on the couch with his humans and enjoys having his ears scratched. He wiggles in excitement when having his back or shoulders scratched!

He is gentle-natured with a lot of energy and very active. He has never acted aggressively in his foster home, but he is very rambunctious when he needs to get some energy out and requires much exercise. He is very playful with high energy and is generally the initiator of play at home but tends to be shy when in public or at the dog park.

Troy loves stuffed animals and will actively search them out to play with, even when several other kinds of toys are lying around. He also enjoys playing with his soccer ball and squeaky ball and does not seem to have too much interest in playing fetch. He loves to play tug with rope toys and toys with squeakers. You can usually take toys from him easily. He also LOVES to wrestle with the resident dog and enjoys other dogs, which he plays very well with.

Troy LOVES water play! He had a blast when his foster mom was watering plants and hosing off the patio. He actively inserted his head into the water stream and began biting at the water. He also snuck into the shower when she left the bathroom for about 10 seconds to grab a towel! So much so that they have to keep the door to the bathroom closed or he will climb into the bathtub if one is taking a bath!

Troy also LOVES walks and is an amazing walker. He is generally a very high energy dog, but as soon as he has a collar and leash on, he transforms into a great walker. Troy does not pull on the leash and has learned to sit when a walker passes on the street without any issue. He also does not pull toward or bark at any other dogs/cats/humans passing by.

Another love is his love from and for his humans. Troy snuggles with his foster daddy when he is tired and is always waiting at the gate when his foster parents come home with a huge smile. He is VERY social with people. He is somewhat Velcro but is more physically attached to the resident dog when at home than to his humans.

Troy eats well and not picky about kibble or treats. He does not beg but he does want to be around his people, even when they are eating. He counter surfs and is being trained not to jump up on counters. He does not seem to be as interested in the food as looking to see what is going on up on the counter. He is very gentle and will take food gently from his humans’ hands or while giving him treats.

Troy is housetrained and does well in cars but he tries to migrate into the front passenger seat so a safety belt might work well for him. He has been sleeping well when he is tired and falls asleep on the carpet next to his foster parents’ bed. He has been invited to sleep in bed with them, but seems to get bored after a few minutes.

He knows some commands and rarely barks; mainly only when playing or when people walk by the house. He is generally very quiet. He likes being outside but he prefers to be with humans than alone outside.

We feel Troy would do well in a very active home; possibly a family with many activities going on outside the home that he could attend, as he is at his happiest when he is on the go. He loves being outside the house, whether in the car or going for a walk. Because of his youthful exuberance, we feel if children were in the home, they need to be older. Troy might perceive younger children running away as playing and may accidentally knock them down.

Although he does well left alone, because of his youth and need for basic training, plenty of exercise and attention, someone home for much of the day would be ideal and preferred.

If you meet the criteria that we feel would be best for Troy as mentioned above, have completed an adoption application with our rescue and have had your in-home interview, please write to Kris at and let me know how Troy would thrive in your world.

Troy’s ID # is 4446 and his minimum donation amount is $600