Meet Tula!

Hi I’m Tula. I was picked up by a Good Samaritan as a stray in Long Beach but he couldn’t keep me and I needed a chance to find my people. So I found myself at the Long Beach Animal Shelter waiting for my identified owner to come for me. On my availability day SCGRR came to bust me out. The Good Samaritan was there as well to help make sure I wasn’t left in the lurch.

I was incredibly thin and scratchy with a skin infection and some hair loss. Thank goodness I landed in a good place with nice folks to help me. It took a while to find a solution to my itching – even after antibiotics, frequent baths, benedryl and steroids…I was STILL itchy. But then I discovered Cytopoint – it seems to help a bit with my environmental allergies. I feel so much better although it does seem I have a metal allergy so we are trying some new collar configurations. My coat has grown in beautiful and shiny! And with a high calorie, protein rich diet, I have started to put on much-needed weight – 7 lbs so far with a ways to go. I should probably be closer to 70lbs.

I am a sweet, loving, strong, smart and curious gal. It’s like I haven’t seen much of the world and so I act very much like a puppy. I need someone that “gets that” and will continue to teach me and show me everything I’ve been missing. I adore people and get super excited to meet them but I quickly settle down. Sometimes I can’t help but jump up. For my age, I still have a lot of energy to play and take walks. I do pull strongly on the leash and can be a bit stubborn. You would not believe I’m 7! I also have a tendency to bolt for the door so you will have to be extra cautious. They tell me it would be good for me to go to some training classes although I do know “sit” and I’ve been working on “wait” when I eat.

I’m housebroken – only 1 or 2 accidents in my foster home which could have been avoided by the humans. I’m not a barker although I did howl when I first saw myself in a mirror. I love to ride in the car and behave myself very well. I would go everywhere with you if I could. I enjoy being with you but I’m also comfortable resting or sleeping in another room. If you are just chilling in front of the TV, I will curl up like a rug and sack out too. Just so happy to be with you. I don’t seem to have any separation anxiety – the only time I became agitated alone was when there was a workman outside. I met some very tiny humans also – “grandchildren” – I behaved myself very well. Supposedly they were under 3 yrs old but since I do have a lot to learn, older kids would be better for me to be around.

I get excited when I see another dog on leash but in a dog park setting, I tend to ignore them all – more curious about my environment. I got very agitated when 2 small dogs visited my foster home – not sure if that’s because they were small or if I’m territorial. Recently, I had a “play date” with some other pups and learned so much from being around them. I didn’t want to play but I did bark when they were wrestling like I wanted a piece of the action. Not sure quite what to do with toys but I will chase a ball. Don’t ask me to bring it back though 😉 After the play date, I was much more playful and interested in my squeaky toy. Again… everything is new and I’m learning every day!

I would do well as an only dog so that we can focus on me for a bit but I would love the opportunity to keep learning from other dogs via play dates and careful socialization. I have a strong prey drive so I shouldn’t live with a cat and should have secure fencing in my home in case my wandering eye sees a squirrel, possum or other critter. I haven’t escaped but I do get this wandering look in my eye sometimes. Keep me on a leash! And when I first arrived, I would find whatever food I could, wherever I could. But I’ve learned to trust 3 square meals a day so I stay off the counters and out of the oven now. I still have a very healthy appetite and will gobble it all down – you would too if you’d seen my hip bones! And careful if you feed me next to another pup as I might try to take theirs too.

Check out my play date video here! Press here!

If you are looking for an only dog in a family environment, are willing to continue to provide me training and guidance, will commit to managing my allergies and have completed your application and home visit please contact my friend Nedra at nedrawagz1+tula@gmail.com.

At 7 years old the minimum adoption donation for Tula is $350

Tula’s ID# 4272