Meet Walton!

3 Year Old Golden-WolfHound Gentle Giant

Walton is the Sweetest Dog in the World at 82 pounds, tall, lanky and a follower(by your side adoring you with his big eyes) He is child-tested, but he’s large and make knock them over. Walton is housetrained, walks well with a Freedom Harness, and needs a backyard and family home most of the time. He loves car rides. Walton should be an only dog with an experienced owner willing to gently socialize him with other dogs. He is large but gentle, and is quite the sight out in public – he receives many compliments.

He’s been working on his manners with other dogs, but is mostly afraid of them and “puppy nips”, as he was turned into the shelter with 3 of his 4-month-old puppies and quite upset when we had to separate them. He greets other dogs as though he’s greeting a hopping puppy. He does well ignoring other dogs on his walks when given the “leave it” command, especially now that he is used to his neighborhood. He bonds quickly to all humans and loves belly rubs and cuddles. He is a very sweet and Velcro boy, so his family must want that constant contact (and paw) from their new furry buddy. 

Walton does have some separation anxiety and will whine and howl a bit when his people leave. His family should be willing to work on this. Walton is NOT crate trained and hates the crate. He has not been destructive at his foster home, but he does run to the window and jump up to see out.

Walton loves, loves, loves affection from his humans and must be your one and only, willing to give pets and touch him and allow him to roll on the floor and follow you to the bathroom.

If you have completed your SCGRRescue.org application and home interview with a volunteer, please inquire about adopting Walton to his Representative, loriyalem@yahoo.com

At 2-3 years old, the minimum adoption donation for Walton is $500

Walton’s ID# 4228