Piper arrived from South Korea on 2/17/18. She is currently being treated for heart worm by Doxycycline, twice daily for staring of 3 months and then twice monthly Advantage Multi for her heart worm starting for 3 months.

Piper is the sweetest, most loyal and such a happy girl; always smiling and loves to run around her beautiful fosters yard to play.  She is a little skittish of loud noises and doors (?!) and people coming up from behind her.  It is almost like she hasn’t heard sounds before and when she hears them, she is a little nervous and scared.  She loves people but adores and thoroughly trusts her foster mommy will take care of her.  

Update 3/18:

Piper is in the middle of the first part of her 3 month protocol for heart worm treatment. Every other week Advantage Multi and twice daily Doxycycline.  She is sweet, loving and very attached to her foster mommy!