Princella Recovery Story

Princella was taken to the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter by her family on March 3, after they decided they couldn’t afford to vet her. It took quite a while for Princella’s ears to get this bad. Both ears had developed into pussy, swollen, solid, infected masses. The only way to ease her suffering was to perform a double ear eblation surgery, one at a time. Our volunteers pulled her the same day she was brought into the shelter, so as not to allow her suffering to go on any longer. She was taken straight to Animal Medical Center, where Dr Schulman performed the delicate surgery on the next day on the left ear.  Then after most of the healing was complete, and stitches removed, on 3/31 they performed the second ear eblation surgery on the right ear.
As bad as it was, and looks, Princella can still hear the door bell and garage door opening! However, hand signals and a clicker or whistle will be the best way to communicate daily commands.
Princella is home with her foster family. Walking daily, losing weight (she should be about 65 lbs but came into us at 99 lbs), cuddling, napping and feeling better daily. She still has about 4 more weeks in rescue. She will then be ready to meet a loving, caring family.
These surgeries are delicate and costly. If you able, we gladly accept donations to help pay her vet bill.  Your donation, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated.