Trigga’s Journey

Meet sweet Trigga, a senior boy who has recently arrived safely into rescue. Trigga has been diagnosed with Cushings disease, and is currently on the lowest possible dosage until we establish and clear up all his other issues. He was doing fairly well once exited from the shelter, where he was dumped and was unable to walk, lying in his own urine and feces.

Originally pegged at 12+ years old due his horrible condition, our vet believes he is probably closer to seven. Here is Trigga right after he arrived at his foster home after spending a week at the vet: and

At his foster home, he perked up and started playing, following his foster mom everywhere. Day Five or so, his legs had swollen up horribly overnight. He was unable to walk  nor was he eating,  so an ultrasound was done to determine what had caused him to crash so badly and so quickly. The ultrasound found collapsed lung. This poor guy had had pneumonia, but is doing better now.  Also confirmed was a block of some sort (clot, cyst ~ unknown at this time) in his rear leg, along with a mass, and his hip was dislocated some time ago (not helping matters as far as mobility goes). Also noted is an rregular liver, rough with many nodules. His skin was horrific, missing much of the fur in his body, all due to untreated Cushings, but is slowly growing back in now, and his skin is almost healed. Look at the change after two weeks in foster care:

Trigga is also obese~ which is evident. All of that said, this is the sweetest boy you have ever met. His tail never stops wagging, even when he cannot get up, and he has charmed absolutely everyone who has met him, including all the vets. He is doing very well currently, eating, walking, playing, and upon consult with Dr. Tuz yesterday, we will do some more blood work to see if the results are looking any better than when he came in. Then we will start trying to get the Cushings under control. This boy is so happy, his tail never stops wagging: IMG_7335.MOV

As far as masses, liver, etc. he is definitely not a candidate for surgery of any kind at this time and never may be.

Stay tuned for updated on this sweet gent.

Video update 8/16/17:

What a happy boy! His tail never stops wagging

IMG_7444.MOV and IMG_7464.MOV