Zuznick, or Charlie as his foster family calls him, arrived on 2/17/18. He was rescued from a high kill shelter in South Korea. No one else would come for him as he was heart worm positive senior but SCGRR agreed to take on his treatment. 

He is settling into a routine with a carefully selected family who is willing to follow the safety and treatment protocols and usher him to his various appointments.  His treatment will take 4-6 months with excellent recovery prospects. 

We are still getting to know his personality. With the face of a teddy bear, his body is shaped like a buffalo – barrel chested with small hips. He walks low to the ground and is still a bit nervous about everything. Scared of loud noises. Likely the product of some abuse. But through it all the tip of his tail is wiggling. If you bring out a tennis ball, he lights up and seems to know the world is a good place. He is sweet and loving like most Goldens.  He has yet to show his silly side but has started rolling belly up for mushies.