• Foster a Golden

    Thank you for your interest in fostering a Golden Retriever from Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue. SCGRRescue is grateful for people with hearts large enough to help a dog that needs a loving home.

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  • Happy Tails


    December 4, 2017  Bader is amazing boy and was the start of a new relationship with a rescuer in S. Korea.  A good Samaritan who’d adopted a Great Pyrenees connected us when her contact there who had reached out to find help for a young male Golden tied in front of a meat farm.  We […]

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  • Recovery Room


    Ellen’s Journey   Ellen came to us from Korea on October 19th. She has heartworm. Initially, she was very scared and shy, afraid of the grass and dirt and wouldn’t venture on them. We believe she has probably been caged all of her life. Ellie has really been a challenge. She was so scared and […]

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  • Over the Bridge

    Daisy Duke *Always in our hearts

    August 2017 Daisy came into rescue as an owner turn in after a divorce.  She was almost unable to walk due to arthritis and severe obesity. She also had an untreated thyroid deficiency, a bladder infection, giardia and a large growth on her leg. Too unstable to do anything about the leg growth she went […]

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  • Relinquish a Golden

    Deciding that you are not able to provide your Golden Retriever with the life that he or she deserves can be a heart wrenching decision. People relinquish dogs to SCGR Rescue for many reasons. Divorce, moving, allergy of a family member, illness or death are all reasons that Goldens have come into our care. We […]

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