• Foster a Golden

    Thank you for your interest in fostering a Golden Retriever from Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue. SCGRRescue is grateful for people with hearts large enough to help a dog that needs a loving home.

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  • Happy Tails


    Meet Reyland – Adopted!

    Ohhh my dogness!

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  • Recovery Room

    Princella getting comfy

    Princella Recovery Story

    Princella was taken to the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter by her family on March 3, after they decided they couldn’t afford to vet her. It took quite a while for Princella’s ears to get this bad. Both ears had developed into pussy, swollen, solid, infected masses. The only way to ease her suffering was to […]

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  • Over the Bridge


    Hilo *Always in our hearts

    September 2016 Hilo (real name Shilo) OTI at Baldwin shelter. About 4. . Brought in as an alleged “bite” dog, Barry exited him after a 10 day hold. See, calm, loving, and beautiful, he showed nothing but gentleness and a calm, quiet, friendly demeanor. He seemed perfect. He was adopted by Blanche Blatt, but before […]

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  • Relinquish a Golden

    Deciding that you are not able to provide your Golden Retriever with the life that he or she deserves can be a heart wrenching decision. People relinquish dogs to SCGR Rescue for many reasons. Divorce, moving, allergy of a family member, illness or death are all reasons that Goldens have come into our care. We […]

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