• Foster a Golden

    Thank you for your interest in fostering a Golden Retriever from Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue. SCGRRescue is grateful for people with hearts large enough to help a dog that needs a loving home.

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  • Happy Tails


    March 15, 2018 Drago came from the meat rescues in northern China, arriving at LAX on Feb 13. It was hard to believe he was 2 years young.  He looked ancient:  droopy eyes, baggy skin, lumps all over his back.  He headed home with his foster mom for some much needed TLC and spoiling. He […]

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  • Recovery Room


    Karam came to us from Turkey on February 24th. Originally thought to be about 6 years old, upon examination, our vets have placed him somewhere closer to 10. Upon arrival he was limping, and exhibited signs of pain in his mouth. His latest vet visit on 3/15, where he was scheduled for a x-rays, and […]

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  • Over the Bridge

    Max *Always in our hearts

    February 2018 To my dear SCGRR family, My dear sweet boy Max crossed the Rainbow Bridge early this morning, February 15. When I awoke this morning, he was not lying in his normal spot on the floor next to me. I found him lying lifeless on the living room sofa with his head propped on […]

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  • Relinquish a Golden

    Deciding that you are not able to provide your Golden Retriever with the life that he or she deserves can be a heart wrenching decision. People relinquish dogs to SCGR Rescue for many reasons. Divorce, moving, allergy of a family member, illness or death are all reasons that Goldens have come into our care. We […]

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