Dear Friends & Supporters of SCGRRescue,

Our biggest fundraiser of the year is right around the corner,
which starts the day after Thanksgiving.

This year we will be using the funds raised to support our ongoing permanent foster program, SAVE A LIFE. This program was started to care for seniors and terminally ill dogs that we are unable to place in adoptive homes.

We now have an unprecedented 20 permanent fosters in rescue! The cost of making sure these angels, due to unforeseen or neglectful circumstances are an enormous expense and undertaking. But we have promised them they will be cared for the rest of their lives, however long, and that is what we will do with your help.

We are not asking for money. We are asking for "stuff" for our auction.

- Gift cards to restaurants, spas, movies, hotels or vacation rentals.
- Tickets to Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Six Flag Magic Mountain or any theme park.
- Electronics, cameras, phones, tablets, kindles, nooks, sports memorabilia, video games and DVD's.
- Signed anything by movie, tv, music personalities or tickets to shows.
- Autographed books, jewelry and crystal.
In doubt? email me.

Things other than jewelry or antiques do have to be new. We try to get top dollar for everything. Below are some of the reasons we do this....

Please contact me for any information.

Thank you all for everything you've done for SCGRR and continue to do,
Barbara Gale


    Not only is Landy, AKA Amanda, blind but her ear is so scarred that it sticks out to the side. She has an antibiotic resistant UTI that requires continual monitoring and treatment, she has extreme derm issues, hip issues from being kept in a small cage (box) for 9 years where she was used as a breeder dog in Taiwan, and now a growth in her mouth that will get biopsied shortly.


    Atticus was attacked by the family's Akita when he was eight weeks old causing blindness in one eye and crushing in the other side of his face. He will undergo extensive reconstructive surgery as soon as he is old enough.


    My name is King Arthur! I am a super sweet big guy. Unfortunately I have a brain tumor which causes seizures. I am on a medicine that keeps them under control (thank goodness because they scare me). I love life (now that I am safe with SCGRR) and spend my days with my friends (human, canine and feline).

To visit all of our permanent fosters, please click on this link " all donations can be sent either to me directly at;

15141 Encanto Drive
Sherman Oaks, Ca. 91436


PO Box 25968
Los Angeles, Ca. 90025

Please, reach out to your family, friends, co-workers, neighborhood businesses. You never know who you know until you ask.

TAX ID#30 0454968

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