Happy Tails Stories

  • Red Shadow

    August 4, 2017: It was a bit of a roller coaster with Shadow – he simply had never been well socialized with people or dogs.  He flipped out when he came across either…including the dog through the back fence. He would make great progress and then have another fit.  Shadow finally made it over a hump.  […]

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  • Beaux Beaux

    August 26, 2017 This lovely lab was incarcerated at the local shelter when one of our volunteers noticed him. A sweet and easy foster pup, he enjoyed playtime with the resident lab at the neighborhood park. Beaux now has a forever home with a wonderful family who adopted one of our international dogs, years ago. […]

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  • Baker

    September 4, 2017: From Bakersfield to a home near the beach, Baker went from a shelter dog to one who will be loved 24/7 by his new, devoted family. Happy life Baker!    

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  • Uka

    September 8, 2017: Uka was adopted by a wonderful family, so excited to be chosen to meet her…especially Gracie, the Yorkie pup, who is now Uka’s Best friend. She will have a wonderful life full of love from a family that adores her. Uka’s Journey: Uka came into rescue from the shelter where she had […]

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