Happy Tails Stories

  • IMG_1706


    This is Tuffy… a beautiful blonde english cream boy who will be three in December. He is a big boy weighing in at about 80 pounds. Tuffy was acquired by his prior owners at about 6 weeks of age but unfortunately, due to his son’s allergies, has spent much of that time alone unhappily in […]

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  • aleah adopted


    If you are an extremely active family, I am who you’re looking for! I am very playful, friendly, and loving, but most of all I am super-active and I don’t stop going until it’s bed time! I want to go to dog parks, for long walks, a short jog, hiking, camping, anything that involves being […]

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  • percy adopted


    I’m a slender little thing, and I’m in my gangly stage a bit late so I seem tall for my little frame! I am a super sweet puppy boy and I always look like I’m smiling or laughing – when you talk to me my expression brightens even more as though what you’re saying is […]

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  • IMG_1677


    Jolie is a very gentle and affectionate dog who is as pretty as she is sweet. She is eager to please, very smart and knows her basic commands. She is great with kids and good with cats. Her likes: playing with the hose/sprinkler, her walks/runs, laser pointers, car rides, having her chest or chin rubbed… but […]

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