Happy Tails Stories


    Meet Comstock and his new Family!

    Sometimes the stars just get in alignment and things work out the way they were supposed to be. Comstock came into rescue as an OTI through our good friends at Northside Veterinary Clinic in San Bernardino. His original owner apparently didn’t realize that the cute little furry puppy would grow up into a 70 lb. […]

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    Meet Corky and his new Family!

    Corky found his new forever home!

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    Meet Crosby and her new Family!

    Crosby came to us from the Norco Animal Shelter. He is a beautiful Red Golden who really needed rescuing.Katie from San Diego is now his forever mom. It was love at first sight. Crosby found her new forever home!

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    Meet Daisha and her new Family!

    Daisha is between 1 1/2 and 2 years old at the most. She is a pretty young Miss who loves to have fun, and doesn’t seem to notice that she is ‘different.’ Daisha has loads of personality and lots of puppy energy! She tears around with her foster brother, Fenway, and the resident Golden, chewing […]

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