Happy Tails Stories

  • Margaret Thatcher – Adopted!

    This little ball of fire is Maggie, a golden lab mix, who takes happiness to a whole other level. She is super sweet, loves, loves, loves her people and is an all around terrific pup. Maggie is housebroken, never barks, and has excellent indoor manners. Well, every once in a while she sneaks a peek […]

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  • Hapai – Adopted!

    I am BIG, lovable, very high energy boy! I love people, they are fabulous. Even more fabulous when they have food!  Oh yeah!  Food, people, food, my little foster brother,  people, toys and food; those are my favourite things!  I will bark when it’s breakfast and dinner time because I want you, no need you, […]

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  • Ebony – Adopted!

    This young, dark haired beauty is quite fittingly named Ebony. Even though we cannot precisely pinpoint her age, this girl is most definitely all puppy. She has an insane amount of energy to burn-two walks daily is simply not going to cut it. That said, she can certainly settle down and be a cuddler-AFTER she’s […]

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  • Toots – Adopted!

    My name is Toots, however everyone calls me Cassie. I am a happy healthy seven year old, but don’t let my age fool you. I am an energetic girl who loves playing ball, I can never get enough. If I lose my ball I will hunt for it until I find it. You can see […]

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