Happy Tails Stories


    Meet Brutie & Buckeye and their new Family!

    Hi there, we are Brutie and Buckeye. We were loved very much by our previous family. They had to move out of country so they had no choice but to find us a new home. We are almost 7. Happy, beautiful boys. We are not brothers although we look just alike. We have been together […]

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    Meet Bryant and his new Family!

    Bryant found his new forever home!

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    Meet Bryson and his new Family!

    Allow me to introduce the very happy Bryson, an energetic 3 year old who needs lots of exercise and cuddle time. This awesome and handsome boy is on the hunt for his forever family, possibly including another playful canine brother/sister. Cats should be admired from a distance according to Bryson’s reaction to want to chase […]

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    Meet Budley and his new Family!

    Meet Budley, a beautiful 4 year old that has had a tough start. Budley came in to rescue after having no life, living on a back yard patio. He then spent some time out in the country and is now adjusting to suburban living. Budley has had some obedience training in the past. He readily […]

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