Happy Tails Stories

  • Bindi

    Bindi is: * fun * house trained * easy going, not food or toy aggressive * smart * likes people and dogs * ok on a leash, needs some training * seems to know sit, maybe shake * fine with the car * jumps as a greeting but not a big jumper – needs a little […]

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  • Bailey

    Energetic young boy looking for love!

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  • Aria – Adopted!

    Aria is a big sweet beautiful girl that is looking for a new home. Aria had lived all her life with an invalid man who was unable to properly exercise her. Did I mention big? She has been on a crash diet since we got her and is now down to 100 pounds. Yup, 100, […]

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  • Hudsynn

    Hudsynn is a typical puppy! She’s skittish,  high energy, interested in everything and everyone! She loves going to the dog park and is beginning to play with tennis balls. She loves her older foster brother and plays with him often, though she does play a little roughly.  Luckily he’s super sweet and puts up with […]

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