Happy Tails Stories

  • trio

    Meet The Trio and their new Family!

    Meet our Trio – three highly bonded Goldens: Rosie, 7, Maggie 10 (Rosie’s mom) and Rosie’s uncle, Johnny, 9. They are certified therapy dogs who have lived together with their former owner all of their lives.Their owner’s ill health has made it necessary to find them a new home. Rosie, Maggie and Johnny have been […]

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  • troosvelt

    Meet Theodore Roosevelt and his new Family!

    “Courage is not having the strength to go on; it is going on when you don’t have the strength.” Sweet, sweet Teddy. That pretty much sums him up! We can only trace the past two years of his life with certainty only to find out he has been neglected and abandoned, more than once. Why […]

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  • thor

    Meet Thor

    Thor returns to rescue…. Supremely saddened to let him go, even his super powers weren’t enough to battle a family allergy in his adoptive home.

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  • tia

    Meet Tia and her new Family!

    Sweet, smiling, tail wagging Tia was a stray but, she is now a happy girl living in her foster home with two golden boys. She is bright, curious and affectionate. She will follow you around the house and yard and she likes to explore on her own and find favorite places to lie while she […]

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