Happy Tails Stories


    Meet Dominic and his new Family!

    Dominic is between 8 and 10 years old, and like fine wine, he has gotten better with age. He is a very loving and charming boy. He likes just about everyone he meets, both 2 and 4 legged. We can’t understand how such a beautiful dog could have ended up at a valley shelter. At […]

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    Meet Donny and his new Family!

    Move aside sugar cookies, because Donny is the new sweetie in town. This tall, medium gold, and handsome boy is the real deal. Donny knows how to spread the holiday cheer and is not partial to humans or dogs. He does have the festive energy of a 10 month old puppy, so his future family […]

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  • DOOK

    Meet Dook and his new Family!

    Dook is a very happy boy. His tail is always wagging in the air or thumping the floor if you walk by him. He’s a big love hound! He likes nothing better than to be close to you or have you throw a ball for him. Dook (rhymes with duke) is good with other dogs […]

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    Meet Dooley and his new Family!

    Hi there, I am the most adorable loving English Cream Golden Retriever named Dooley. I am a beautiful sweet boy. However, I was born with a heart murmur. The wonderful folks at SCGRRescue took me to see a heart specialist who told us I have subvascular aortic stenosis with associated mitral valve dyslpasia (whew). I […]

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