Happy Tails Stories

  • Meet Tyson and his new Family!

    Tyson just found his new forever family!

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  • Meet Velvet and her new Family!

    Puppy velvet was an owner turn in along with her mom, dad, and one of her puppy siblings. Velvet just found her new forever family!

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  • Meet Vespa, Matrix and their new Family!

    Blonde, plump, 5 year old Vespa and slim, 3 year old, dark red Matrix (the odd couple) are virtually inseparable. Where one goes, the other follows. And they continually lick each other’s faces, lovingly grooming one another. Their new names are Lucy and Kona, and parents Michael and Kelly say they are totally in love! […]

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  • Meet Vetta and her new Family!

    Meet Vetta…she is the rescue’s newest black beauty and she is a princess. She has had quite a sad journey that is turning out to be a road to success. Vetta, formerly known as Bella, was an owner turn-in only because her human mom became sick and was no longer able to care for her. […]

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