How to Adopt

Each dog comes to us under unique circumstances and has individual needs that we strive to meet. In addition, each family also has individual circumstances which are taken into account when making a placement.

If you are a family with children under the age of seven please consider the following: Because of our emphasis on safety, we are very careful about the Goldens we will place into families with young children.

Generally, we will not place the following types of rescue Goldens into families with young children:

•Goldens who have no exposure to children;
•Goldens who were given up because of characteristics that are incompatible with children (for example, too energetic);
•Goldens who have no documented history (stray Goldens) with children;
•Exuberant dogs who might inadvertently harm children in rough play.

The demand for Rescue Goldens with “child experience” is high, so the wait to adopt for a family with young children could be a bit longer. We do not want to discourage you from considering the adoption of one of our wonderful rescue Goldens, but we do want you to have a realistic understanding of the probable delay.

If you are willing to consider one of our senior goldens whose easy-going, gentle natures are well suited to children, your wait may be shorter.

Although most rescue Goldens are housetrained they still require time, patience and training to fit into their new families and be good citizens.

People who want to adopt a rescue Golden because they “don’t have time to train a dog” should think carefully about the time and commitment they have to give to any dog. Many of our dogs have “rough edges” which need to be smoothed out with patience and time.

Senior goldens are often the best choice for individuals or families with busy schedules. A quiet, gentle walk morning and evening and a restful day spent snoozing and waiting for their owners to return are often all a senior desires.

Like many rescue organizations, we offer the benefits of being able to provide dogs who are already spayed or neutered, who have been fully vaccinated and microchipped, who have had a sound fundamental health examination, and whose temperament is fairly well known, since most of them have lived with our foster families.

We reserve the right to decline applicants who cannot meet the needs of our second chance Goldens.

We strive to find the best family match for each of our dogs in rescue based on their individual needs regardless of when the application process is completed. We have a lot more applicants than dogs, so not everyone who applies will be selected as a match for one of our dogs.

Thank you for your interest in opening your home and heart to a Golden. We look forward to working with you. SCGRRescue adopts to homes throughout the Southern California region.

If you agree to these policies and procedures, please Press right here to fill out the application!

As of January 1, 2017, the following are our current minimum donation amounts:

•$600 for dogs 0 to 1 year old.
•$500 for dogs 2 to 4 years old.
•$400 for dogs 5 to 6 years old.
•$350 for dogs 7 to 8 years old.
•$300 for dogs 9 years and older.

Dogs coming in from outside the US will incur higher adoption fees to help cover the costs of travel. Under 1 - $800, over 1 - $600.