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    • Valentine’s Turkey Dogs!

      We have the first pictures available of our 10 Valentines getting ready to cross the pond!  Press here to see!


      At one time, Golden Retrievers were a status symbol in Turkey, but when the novelty wore off many people turned their dogs into the municipality. Some live in shelters, but there’s not enough room for all the dogs in shelters, so they live on the streets and in the forest. We were contacted by Adopt a Golden in Atlanta and were thrilled to help out.

      The National Rescue Committee of the Golden Retriever Club of America supports SCGRR’s effort as there are no Golden Retrievers being put at risk in the U.S. because of this rescue. The Turkish Government and the shelter volunteer colleagues in Istanbul want a better life for these dogs and work with us to make this happen. Absolutely no Golden Retrievers in the U.S. that need our assistance that we would ordinarily bring in to rescue will be turned away because of this project.

      image003A tremendous thank you to our very good Golden Rescue friends at Adopt-A-Golden-Atlanta who were the first to begin this initiative!

      Here is the press release from our rescue! Just press right here!

      Here is a video that was made when Atlanta first helped with the transport.    Press right here to see the video story courtesy of CNN!

      Additionally, you may wish to read the CNN report by pressing here!

      SCGRR will be bringing in 8 dogs from Istanbul on Valentine’s weekend; February 13th, 2016! We hope this will be the first of many.


      You can help!

      We need donations! Each dog will cost $2,000 to bring across the ocean to safety in the U.S. plus additional medical costs! Any contribution is so very much appreciated and will allow us to help these gentle creatures.

      You can send in a personal check or money order to our facilities in Southern California or you can make a donation online via PayPal. We thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide. SCGR Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. ID#30-0454968

      To donate with a credit card through PayPal, please click the PayPal button below.

      To donate using Just Give, click on the button below.


      Sponsor a Golden from Turkey

      For a minimum $350 tax deductible donation, you can show your support for our rescue by sponsoring a Turkey Golden. Your donation will go a long way to help cover the costs of vaccinations, spay/neutering, micro-chipping and vet examinations. You will also have the wonderful feeling of knowing you made a difference in your sponsored dog’s life.

      As a thank you, your name will appear under a photo of one of the Turkey Goldens; additionally you will receive some thank you gifts in the mail!

      You can sponsor a Golden by using the PayPal button below.

      To donate using Just Give, click on the button below.



      We are excited to announce that we will have pictures and details of the Goldens we will be rescuing very soon and will post those here.

      Each dog under 1 year will be available for adoption once medically cleared at a minimum donation amount of $800.

      Each dog over 1 year will be available for adoption once medically cleared at a minimum donation amount of $600.

      We want to thank all those who have sponsored one of the Turkey Goldens so far!

      Joan Hopple

      Animal Medical Center – Los Angeles

      Omer Ovarken

      Victoria Terranova

      Robert Woods

      Debbie Reinfurt

      Secil Ari

      Joel Korotzer

      David Brooks

      Kathe Bass

      Kathy Boyer

      Michael Carre

      Patty Beverly

      Patricia Johnson

      Lois Neeley

      Tracey Payton

      John & Genevieve Adams In Memory of our beloved Trooper

      Frank Chapman

      Arlene Ressler – In Memory of my Sweet Darwin.

      Steve Borowski

      The Tess McIntyre Foundation


      We would also like to thank everyone that has made any other donation to this project and you can find them by pressing right here!