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    • Thank You Donors!



      We would like to extend a thank you to our monthly donors.  Your constant donations allow us to continue helping abused, neglected and abandoned Golden Retrievers:
      Allen Blackmore*William Berry*Diana Rodgers*AAA Plantscapes, Inc.*Vincent Torres*Cinda Rodewald*Judy Griffin* Ashley Morgan*Sharon Ignarro*Debra Condon*Joel Korotzer*Andrew Moore*Bernadine Vanaselja*Jarrick Lau* Sue Moynahan*Susan Holt*Renee Young*Aimee Rose*Heather Adelhelm*Leslie Spencer*Julie Manangan*Katherine Gulotta*Cheryl Colby*Arlene Shapiro*Pamela McClure&Tina Robledo*Dana Brown*Janet Gilmartin*John Ellison*Joan Hopple*Rosanne Crooke*Bob Ducsay*Brenda Chilvers*Anonymous*Carre Family Trust*James Maisano*Bronwen Tibbe

      We would also like to thank all those that made a valuable and so appreciated donation over the holiday time:
      Sheila Cronin*Suzanne Stone*Nancy Carney*Judith & Thomas McKernan*Linda Manning*Dale Yates*Clare Bronowski & Jeffrey Lee*Carl & Linda Kay*Stefan Menghin*Bonnie Heinrich*Joel Korotzer*Robert Littlefield*Caroline Wiggins* Sharon Heller*Bradford McAllester*Ann Albertson*Barbara Epstein*Stephanie Templeton*Jeffrey Mann*Howard Adler*David & Brenda Kristen*Richard & Karen Carmichael*Grant & Janet Wilcox*Steve Mann*Nick Ben-Meir*Danusia Herko*Fredrick & Judith Hoeptner*The Mann Family*David Brooks & John Locascio*David & Brenda Kristen*William D Freeland Charitable Fund*Nancy Neufeld*Secil Oz Ari*Alexander Hoggan*Carrie Rogers*Jennifer Street*Kevin Rude*Rebecca Genovesi*Wendi Damico*Diane Neuner*Evelyn Conly*Fred Hoblit*Judith Meister*Donald & Machiko Currier*Christopher Stewart*Ruth Brooks*Denise Gault*David Rubin*John Vasquez*Steve Wiegand*Brenda Baker*Alexandra Yellin*Marsha Martin*Rebecca Mann*Susan Schwarz*Sharon Heller*Lisa Kessler*Bonnie Lisle*Adarsh Daswani*Charlotte Logemann*Barbara Epstein*Jay Werner*Jonathan Feucht&Larry Callizo*Eileen Scheffing*S Bruce Stelzner*Claudia Brown*Kerry Stubbs*Bryan Auerbach*Kenneth Rule*Karol Mundt*David Katz*Ashley Lyons*Timothy Somers*Earl & Debra Finch*Renaissance Charitable Foundation/Ilene Clow Charitable Foundation*Allen Blackmore

    • Our 2015 Annual Report is Here!

      Click Here to view our Annual Report for 2015

      SCGRR 2014 Cover

      Learn about what we accomplished in 2015 including heartwarming stories about the wonderful dogs we saved together



    • Meet and Greet!

      We have a meet and greet at Healthy Spot in Manhattan Beach that we hope to see you at!

      We are meeting at 204 S. Sepulveda Blvd.
      Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 from 11am to 3pm on January 29th, 2017!  We hope to see you there.