Over The Bridge

There is an Indian legend which says, “When a human dies, there is a bridge they must cross to enter into heaven. At the head of that bridge waits every animal that human encountered during their lifetime. The animals, based upon what they know of this person, decide which humans may cross the bridge…and which are turned away.”

  • prince


    Prince was not feeling well, loss of appetite, a little lethargic and had diarrhea, so I took him to his oncologist and she wanted to keep him overnight on IV fluids to get him hydrated. All of his X-rays and bloodwork looked good. Unfortunately, at 4am the next morning I got a call that Prince’s oxygen […]

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    Sugar Pop

    With sadness and sorrow, our beloved Golden “Sugar Pop” passed away on March 27th, 2014.  We had taken her in to the vet for a follow-up visit for a muscle strain, and grim news was not expected. She seemed better for the muscle strain but had become very ill in a short time, revealing multiple cancerous tumors and severe […]

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  • KArthur

    King Arthur (AKA Bubba) * Forever In Our Hearts

    We recently lost our sweet, wonderful Bubba (King Arthur). He was an awesome guy and I miss him beyond words. What a character he was. A truly great guy. I am grateful that he was able to live the rest of his life here with us. Breaks my heart each time I lose one. Thank […]

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  • loulou

    Lou Lou * Always In Our Hearts

    Lou Lou is as fine as can be expected for an elderly, arthritic, very loving Golden Retriever. She sleeps a lot but loves to be petted and eat. She doesn’t know how play, doesn’t fetch but is a fine pet for 80 year olds like us. We feel her pain. Getting up and down is […]

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