Permanent Fosters

Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue is lucky to have twenty very special families that care for our precious Golden Retrievers who for health reasons are not adoptable. These volunteers love and care for the fur babies without the worry of vet expenses. One hundred percent of the vet care is paid for by your generous donations and our continuous fundraising. They are truly heroes and vital to saving those that need ongoing care. Some of the dogs are seniors with arthritis, some have severe hip problems that cannot be helped with surgery and some are terminal.

Paws up to Barbara Scheid, Shendl Diamond, Laurie Hoffman, Chris and Jean Wagner, Sandy & Sue McGregor, Tara Morgan, Eileen Burnett, Arlene Montgomery, Blayne Chenoweth, Karyn King and Nancy Kollisch. Also, thank you to our permanent foster coordinator Barbara Gale.

Ed Buck, Carrie Madrid, Jenni Morita, Arlene Montgomery, Debbie Rothschild, Kathy Brill, Julie Flood, Natalie Lindberg and Kiersten Kanaster  have opened themselves and their homes to care for terminal dogs. They have loved Danny Boy, Krystal Rose, Homer and Princess Beloved Pearl, Branson, Rosko, Mansfield’s Buddy, Shadow, and Gretel until it was time for them to cross the Rainbow Bridge and they remember them always. These dogs were abandoned at the shelters because they were sick. These special fosters have opened their homes and hearts and held them until it was time to say goodbye….

Enjoy meeting some of the dogs that are currently part of our permanent foster program below.

Please consider making a donation so we can continue to help these “unwanted” & “thrownaway” angels.