Permanent Fosters

Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue’s “Save a Life” Program allows us to provide long-term care for dogs who for health, and sometimes behavioral, reasons are not adoptable. Some of the dogs are seniors with arthritis, some have severe hip problems that cannot be helped with surgery and some are terminal.

In this program, these precious Golden Retrievers live with very special foster families who love them deeply and care for them for the rest of their days. Many were abandoned at shelters because they were sick – left to die in pain, alone and afraid.  Your generous donations and participation in our fundraising efforts allows SCGRR to take these poor souls in and pay for 100% of their vet care.  Your donations are vital to these efforts and allows them to know dignity, comfort and love. Please consider donating or increasing your donation today!

Paws up to our current permanent foster families:  Eileen Burnett, Betsy Byrnes, Blayne Chenoweth, Nancy Kollich, Carrie Madrid, Ross McIntyre, Liz Miller, Tara Morgan, Jeff Pressman, John Reese and Nansi Taggart. Also, thank you to our Permanent Foster Coordinator, Nedra Plonski.

You can read more about the lucky pups currently in the permanent foster program below. If you would like to become a foster family, please fill out a foster application.

In the past others have opened their hearts and homes to care for terminal dogs – holding them until it was time to say goodbye. Many heartfelt thanks to Kathy Brill, Ed Buck, Shendl Diamon, Julie Flood, Laurie Hoffman, Kiersten Kanaster ,Natalie Lindberg, Carrie Madrid, Sandy & Sue McGregor , Jenni Morita, Arlene Montgomery, Debbie Rothschild, Barbara Scheid, and Chris and Jean Wagner.  They have loved Danny Boy, Krystal Rose, Homer and Princess Beloved Pearl, Branson, Rosko, Mansfield’s Buddy, Shadow, Nika, Nani and Gretel until it was time for them to cross the Rainbow Bridge and they remember them always.

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    Finnegan came into rescue October 9, 2015. Age estimated somewhere between 12 and 14 years old, he had a terrible skin infection which we have treated, and now like most ‘skin’ dogs, he requires medicated baths regularly. Finn’s ears were also horrific when he arrived in rescue and continue to be a battle even with […]

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    Bentley came to us in rough shape.  He is 13 years old.   Bentley has some tremors when standing up and struggles with that so his wonderful foster parents, Mary and Dave, give him the hand he needs.   Bentley has a few bumps and lumps and we think at least one of them may be cancerous.   […]

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  • 2016 zeus

    Meet Zeus

    This photo was taken the first day I met Zeus. He had himself backed as far as he could into a corner and if he could have made himself invisible, he would have. We were contacted by the shelter supervisor about a 10 month old flat coated retriever mix who was so fearful of everything, […]

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  • Bugsy7

    Meet Bugsy

    Bugsy is a flat coated retriever who came into rescue at the tender age of 5 months. Bugsy suffers from bilateral buphthalmos, a congenital ocular disease. There is no lens in his left eye and the lens in his right eye is pushed way back so eventually Bugsy will be blind. Upon physical examination it […]

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