Recovery Room

  • Gordy

    Gordy’s Journey   Gordy was picked up as a stray and held at the shelter until his family could be notified. Come to find out, they had lost him 8-9 months ago and figured he had met his demise with coyotes. Where he has been, only Gordy knows.   He does look like he has […]

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  • Ellen

    Ellen’s Journey   Ellen came to us from Korea on October 19th. She has heartworm. Initially, she was very scared and shy, afraid of the grass and dirt and wouldn’t venture on them. We believe she has probably been caged all of her life. Ellie has really been a challenge. She was so scared and […]

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  • Cozy

    Cozy’s Journey   Rescued from the meat markets of South Korea, Cozy came to SCGRR on November 6th. She arrived underweight, not housebroken, very guarded in regards to her food. Her first vet examination revealed that she had not been spayed and her back right knee cap is blown. Her orthopedic condition is called a lateral […]

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