Mufassa came into rescue on October 7 with what we believed was a dislocated shoulder.
Upon seeing Mufassa, the hope was the vets could put the shoulder back in place, but upon further vetting, it was discovered, the elbow was dislocated and had been for sometime requiring Moo’s leg to be amputated.
Mufassa was on the website a few weeks ago, but, unfortunately no one was breaking down our mailbox for this three legged cutie. His Foster Mom was heading to the Claremont Village Venture event and debated taking Moo with her.  Thankfully she did, because at the event, he met Nora and Alan who immediately fell in love and put in an adoption application. and we quickly got their IHI done.
With no kids and no other pets, a passion for rescue, and a love for Mufassa and his positive spirit, Nora and Alan met all the criteria we hoped for him. The day of the adoption, Moo seemed to know right away he was home when he jumped up on the couch to snuggle with Alan.
Seeing Moo in his new home with a new mom and dad so smitten is why we do what we do.