What does it mean to be a Foster?

• Be a “helping hand” in a rescue dog’s journey to a better life.
• Help “house-a-tize” a rescue dog who may have gone stir crazy in a
kennel; provide a transitional home environment for the well-being
of the dog.
• Help assess a Golden for more successful “forever home” placement.
• Be able to watch a dog go from a sad, frightened, possibly sick baby
with its tail down and ears limp to a healthy, happy guy ready to
go out and meet the world again.
• Give your heart and home; get unconditional love in return.
• See the smiles on everyone’s faces (dogs and people) when the
perfect match is made.
• Provide company for your other golden(s) while you are at work.
• If you travel a lot, you can have a dog for the times you are home.
• Contribute to the cause by helping the Rescue save boarding fees.
• Meet many wonderful dogs and many wonderful people.
• Rescue dogs are appreciative of the smallest bit of kindness and
return your affection tenfold.
• Enjoy days filled with wags and sloppy kisses.
• Make a difference in many lives
• It’s fun!

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