February 4, 2018August 8, 2019

Golden Needs your help!

$ 25000

Campaign Target


$ 24995 to go

Rescue decisions are so hard.  We could save so many for this price but this 11 mo old sweet and loving Golden Retriever’s eyes told us not to give up on him.    We are asking for this amazing community to help fund the treatment of this gentle soul.

So excited to be accompanying his owner to pick up his best friend, Jetson bolted out of the car and into a busy area.  An Expedition SUV backed over his hind quarters and then in confusion drove forward over him AGAIN.  So this poor pup was literally run over not once but TWICE by a heavy vehicle.   He was rushed to a nearby vet for immediate care where they quickly realized his injuries, treatment and care would be too much for his owners to handle financially. The treating vet did not have the capabilities to keep him safely overnight.  Forced to decide between euthanizing Jeston and asking for a rescue to take him on must have been agonizing.   SCGRR was called.

We responded quickly to work out a plan.  All we knew was 3 broken bones and he was currently stable but was a bit in shock. 2 volunteers sped to respond.  There we met a dog in a lot of pain despite the meds that this facility was able to give him.  There was tremendous swelling on his left hind area, multiple cuts / abrasions and asphalt dirt on his hind legs.  Despite that he greeted us with curiosity and when other dogs were coming through he wagged enthusiastically.  Since the call to us, there was a growing concern in his abdomen as well.

Moving him was agonizing.  Through it all he was sweet, never once nipped and laid his head on our laps.  Within a 15 min ride, we had him at SoCal Vet Specialty Hospital where we  approved ultrasound, IV meds/fluids and diagnostic xrays to get a better idea of the situation.  We were devastated.  First priority – a diaphramatic hernia in the abdomen – the muscle wall herniated upward and the abdominal contents were pushing against one lung. The goal is to stabilize him hopefully through the night and have a board certified surgeon with her team perform the surgery in the morning.  We pray nothing happens to increase the urgency in the night and that he doesn’t throw a clot. Estimates are $8-10k to get him through this critical surgery tomorrow.

But that’s just the start.  The femur in one leg is in 4 pieces.  Very repairable but a serious surgery by itself.  Then the other leg – both tibia and fibula – have multiple fractures each.  It will be imperative to deal with both quickly after the hernia surgery to maximize recovery and bring him comfort.  Each over $5,500 a piece.  At so many points there is a risk for clots which could end it all.  And then there is the long road to recovery filled with staying immobilized, hopefully in a loving foster home. We just couldn’t say no without trying.

When we said goodnight, he was resting propped up on a pillow with labored breath and high on morphine.  His rescuers are tired but have faith that our supporters and the animal loving community will help us help Jetson, and that we find a wonderful foster home who will commit to a very difficult and likely long recovery.  Thank you in advance for your support, prayers and well wishes.  We are incredibly grateful that his owners gave us a chance to help him instead of the most difficult of choices.

More information about Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue: Our mission is to find loving, lifetime homes for all Southern California Golden Retrievers in need, regardless of conditions or circumstances. We will always strive to heal the sick and injured, rehabilitate the neglected and abused, and nurture the aged and unwanted until we find the perfect family who will shower them with unconditional love.

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