What does it mean to be a Foster?

• Be a “helping hand” in a rescue dog’s journey to a better life. • Help “house-a-tize” a rescue dog who may have gone stir crazy in a kennel; provide a transitional home environment for the well-being of the dog. • Help assess a Golden for more successful “forever home” placement. • Be able to...

March 24, 2020October 10, 2021In Blog
Common Poisons that dogs ingest

Common Poisons that dogs ingest

The following is a PARTIAL list of the toxins that you need to keep out of your pet’s reach.  Ibuprofen (e.g. Advil, Motrin) – In dogs, this medication can cause stomach and kidney problems & even impact the nervous system, causing symptoms such as depression and seizures. If you drop a pill, find it immediately!...

March 17, 2020January 16, 2021In Blog

Dogs, Swimming and Pool Safety

You Must Teach Your Dog How to Get Out of Your Pool!! Most dogs can swim naturally. It’s in their genes. Dogs DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY KNOW, however, how to get out of a pool. You have to teach your dog how to get out of your pool in order to prevent him from drowning! There...

February 23, 2020January 27, 2021In Blog