Thank you for Charlie

Thank you for Charlie

Dear SCGRR friends,

It is with great sadness that I share the news of the passing of my beautiful boy, Charlie, after a courageous nine month battle with lymphoma and mast cell cancer. Charlie (née Toven) SCGRR #3808, picked us in November 2015 – the same year we said goodbye to our sweet SCGRR girl Lucy (née Julie Lynn). He brought joy to our life for five wonderful years.

Besides our family, Charlie was beloved by his large circle of specialty vets, having survived heart surgery following a near fatal pericardial effusion emergency in 2016. Our miracle boy faced every medical battle with a classic Golden smile and a gentle wag of his beautiful Golden tail.

Charlie loved the attention from our three young grandchildren, and patiently played the part of a “baby doll” with my granddaughter – adorned with receiving blankets and stuffed animals. He was a show stopper every Halloween as the friendly lion. And his signature crossed paws pose got him many treats when out in public. Even the baristas at our local Starbucks had a “pupaccino” ready upon his arrival! In his five years with us, Charlie never uttered a fierce bark, growl, snarl or a sign of aggression toward any person, child, or dog. He was truly a love bug in every sense of the word.

After some months in remission, Charlie’s cancer returned, and he let me know it was now his time to say goodbye. I held his head in my lap as he closed his eyes for the last time. And as heartbroken as I was, I knew Charlie had a greeting committee across the rainbow bridge.

The house is very quiet now. I didn’t realize just how much I talked to Charlie until after he was gone! He was truly a gift from heaven.

Thank you, SCGRR friends, for the gift of Charlie.