I’m sure you will remember our bonded pair Mesa and Yuma (Layla and Coco) that were rescued from a backyard breeder in Phoenix early last year. They were flown in to John Wayne airport and we were given the privilege of fostering. We just couldn’t resist adding them to our pack and “failed as fosters” by adopting them both.

Coco the mama, developed a very aggressive inoperable tumor that degranulated and bled internally. Despite all emergency Specialty Veterinary care, a transfusion and radiation to shrink the tumor, the bleeding could not be stopped. We were left with no other options but to be with her to help her cross the rainbow bridge Wednesday morning of last week.

In the little more than the year we’ve had her, I have no doubt she had the best year of her life. No less than 5 motorhome trips to Colorado, Texas, South Dakota, Wyoming and Oregon, snow, sleet, and sunshine, each filled with new sniffs and adventures. Above all, she had all the love and affection from me, my wife Loretta, her daughter Layla, and live-in boyfriend Bert each and every day. We are grateful to have her in our lives if only for a year. She will forever have a place in our hearts.

Attaching a few of my favorite pics; Coco cuddling with Layla, all three in the Colorado Rockies, that’s Coco on the right, and cuddling with Loretta.

Tony Mathis