My husband and I adopted two golden puppies from your rescue 2 years ago, Cotton and Moonshine (now Moonie). I wanted to reach out and share some sad news with you guys.

Cotton had been limping for awhile and we took her to the vet back during the summer. Our original vet told us it was a knee issue and suggested we see a specialist so we can look into surgery options. We took her to see a specialist and they did more x rays which found cancer. She had cancer in her knee and the cancer was extremely aggressive and had spread to her lungs. I was at work when my husband called me and told me and I will never forget the shock and pain my heart felt in that moment. This was our first baby that my husband and I had together and I don’t think anything can truly prepare you for the heart break. Cotton lived for two more weeks after that because we made the very difficult decision to put her down. We could tell that she had tried to be strong for as long as she could and was just in too much pain.

Cotton was the greatest dog we both have ever had. And we wanted to thank you for giving us the opportunity to be her parents. She was the sweetest dog. She loved going for walks, sniffing every bush possible, and pretending she was a cow and eating grass. She smiled in her sleep and loved playing piranha with Moonie, her sister (piranha is a game we made up where they bark and Yelp at each other while biting the air in each other’s faces, never making contact). Cotton also adored my husband. She was always with him and would follow him everywhere he went. We miss her dearly and Moonie misses her as they were litter mates and have been together since birth.

We are blessed to have had her for two short years! We would like to ask you to keep us in your prayers and thoughts as we navigate this difficult time of losing our first fur baby. We are not ready for another dog yet, but we are hoping to give a Moonie a fur sibling in the future.

Lauren and Maxx