We are so happy to announce that Crosby has found his fur-ever home.
He was a dog that lived mostly inside while his prior owners went to work all day and it seems, came home from work and let him out in their backyard and didn’t walk him much. The great big world outside was all new to this poor dog and to say he is a mess on a leash is an understatement! The poor guy, no fault of his, is a victim of being a Covid dog who has not been socialized and who didn’t get the proper leash training to allow him to be the best dog he could be. Inside the home, he’s a dream (though he does love to lay on top of you. But outside and all bets are off. He is a wild child and it takes a very firm hand to control him on leash.

Crosby finally got a house with a nice yard and a young couple who are willing to put the time and effort with Crosby to get him to where he needs to be.

They came to meet him last Saturday and right when I saw that it was love all around, we knew we made the right choice!

we wish you a very happy life Crosby!