I am reaching out to share some sad news. We said goodbye to Daisy this afternoon. She was diagnosed with spleen cancer about 3-4 months ago and expected to live a week or two. But that little girl had different plans and she managed to hang on all of this time. After the first couple of months she settled in and thrived. She worked hard to be a good girl and we had great support system of very patient friends. She ended up being very popular in the neighborhood. Her favorite place in the world was Big Bear so we took her often. Fortunately we were able to spend one last weekend with her two weeks ago just before she started getting sick.

Me, Jeanine, and Daisy thank you from the bottom of our hearts for knowing this little girl was meant to be with us. Thank you for everything and to SCGRR for your generosity in doing whatever it took to make sure she stayed here. Also, Dr. Tuz is great and I do not have enough good things to say about her.

It started out rough but it was a really good 11 months with her. The only regret is that she could not stay longer.

Thank you again! I’ve attached a pic from Daisy’s most recent Big Bear trip.

Monica and Jeanine