Update June 3, 2019: Andrew went in for a recheck with his neurologist today. He continues to have mostly short seizures, about 6-10 a day.  We’ve been keeping a journal of everything.  Tests were run, a liver chemistry panel to make sure he continues to tolerate the medication. His next recheck will be in six weeks to check  potassium bromide levels, a medication he started late last week.

This is one of the more difficult epilepsy cases our veterinarians have seen. We will continue to stay on top of things to make sure quality of life is considered above all else.  In the meantime, he loves his foster family.  He has a young lab mix pal that is his comfort dog. 

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Andrew’s Journey:

May 14, 2019: Young Andrew comes from Mexico. Originally with a different rescue, we took him in after he started having seizures. Andrew went for a neurological consult today after the seizures came back and increased in intensity.  He cries during the episodes, whether from anxiety or pain we aren’t sure.

He is in a wonderful, experienced foster home with a young female pup that will lay across him to calm him after his episodes.

Click here to see  her calming him after his latest seizure.

The next step is a MRI and other testing that will cost about $3,000. Hopefully we will find the cause and there will be treatment available. Seizures take their toll.

May 19, 2019: Andrew continues to have seizures, about 8-10 times a night. Under guidance of his neurologist, we have increased the dosage of his medications. While they have lessened in severity  they are still occurring too frequently.

The results of his MRI and lumbar puncture are normal. Most recently we did a PCR panel to rule out distemper as the cause. Andrew’s neurologist is recommending that he be admitted to the hospital for IV sedation and administration of medications to stop the seizures and break the cycle. He  will be admitted tomorrow and will stay in the hospital for 24 – 48 hrs. The cost of this stay is estimated at approximately $2,000.

Update May 24, 2019: Andrew continued to have episodes frequently and increasing in length. SCGRR followed the neurologist’s recommendation to admit him on May 21 to attempt to halt the cycle of seizures. The first level involved a valium equivalent sedation with IV seizure medication but Andrew had another seizure. So we went to the next level which required critical care monitoring as he spent the night under anesthesia and more medication. He did well on that and awoke seizure free the next morning, staying seizure free for the day. 

He was released that evening with the addition of a 3rd oral anti-seizure medicine.  Later that night, he had further episodes lasting up to 10 minutes and now is having 6-10 each day. The episodes are not full body, they are categorized as atypical and focal.  They are lessening in duration so we are hopeful. We are proceeding with an epilepsy diagnosis at the moment.  Neurology is disappointed in the results and his condition continues to be very guarded. The neurologist has prescribed the 4th medicine, potassium bromide, but that can take up to a month to take full effect. 

We will be monitoring Andrew over the next few days and journaling all episodes with hope to see a trend in the right direction.  We want a quality life for this boy and aren’t quite ready to give up on him yet.  Please hold him in your thoughts!