Meet Graham & Arya! Adopted

Say hello to Arya and Graham, a beautiful bonded mother son pair who originally hailed from a family in Mexico who due divorce, needed to relinquish them and asked if we would take them here in the U.S. to ensure their safety. We were happy to oblige.

We don’t believe these dogs had had a whole lot of socialization or exposure outside of their prior homes. They likely also spent much of their time outside, as neither was potty trained when they arrived. Their foster mom has done a great job with them, and they are almost 100% there now, no accidents now at all in several days! They are also now both crate trained, where they sleep at night and during the day when mom needs to leave them home alone.

Graham is a pretty well-adjusted, goofy golden retriever, who is adapting well to life here and all the new experiences he is having. He walks pretty well on his leash, and is generally indifferent to the dogs, cats or bunnies he might cross paths with. A typical golden, he has mostly never met a stranger and is happy to greet people he meets. Being the protective momma and  taking care of her little boy, Arya is more cautious, and has been taking a little longer to adjust. While initially very uncomfortable outside of her familiar surroundings and on a leash, she has begun to make great strides now after a consult with our trainers. Her foster mom has been  working on behavior modification with her, refocusing and redirecting her attention when she gets in to what she considers a scary situation, and with great success. Walking with a gentle leader, she is now making steady progress on her walks , and we are certain that with continued exposure and familiarization, she will overcome this.

Graham and Arya love treats. They both love to chew on bones and do commands as long as a treat follows, which they take with a gentle mouth. Actually make that command, as sit is pretty much the extent of it now. Again, they are learning daily, and soon will be able to add to that resume-they are very food motivated and eager to please. They happily share everything with each other. Usually together and always up for a rough and tumble wresting match tug o war, or the bitey face game, they are your typical golden retrievers who are equally happy to just cuddle together and with their humans.

Arya and Graham would like a home where they will get lots of exercise and stimulation, and be included in all the families activities, something they have likely never had. They need a family who will commit to their continued training-they are both still very young and are very eager and anxious to please, and have the potential to be such amazing dogs.  They do not need someone home all day, as they have each other.  Kids would be ok , although maybe not really little ones unless they are used to (and don’t mind) getting knocked down occasionally-these guys can still be pretty rambunctious.  Felines would likely not be a good idea, although they did spend some time with a very large pig in their prior home, with no apparent issues. That said, the pig considerably outweighed them, so that could have factored in their decision, ha! If you have already submitted your on line application, as well as completed your in home interview, and would like to be considered for Arya and Graham’s new home, please contact their rep at

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The adoption donation for this pair is $1000.


Arya & Graham ID # 5219 and 5220