Auggie • Always in our hearts

Auggie headed to the rainbow bridge after a brave and Auggie dog styled battle with cancer. As I write this I can physically feel how dearly dearly she will be missed. She was my heart and soul and my committed companion. She was a trooper to the end and I will remember her courage and her spirit in that battle – but mostly what I think I will remember are the hundreds of ways she made me laugh over the last 11 years.

Auggie was a simple girl – she loved eating, swimming, eating, carrying big sticks, eating, the snow, eating the snow, car rides, eating, and the beach and oh yah – eating!! And her favorite time of day (besides breakfast and dinner) was cooking time!!!! She had season’s tickets and front row seats for “Cooking in the Kitchen”…..and never missed an opportunity to lay smack in the entrance of the kitchen and watch any form of food being handled in the kitchen – that was her “food channel” and she was a dedicated subscriber!! So she was simple to make happy.

She also was my most committed friend. She could always be found next to me – and was a joy to have around. She made me smile every day and coming home today Marty and I tried to remember all the ways she accomplished that. The way she would fanatically swim in Lake Powell until she was past exhaustion….. and then go for just one more swim!! The way she would capitalize on any eating opportunity and only later discovering that 30 lbs of dog food, a whole vat of Costco red vine licorice, and an entire bag of brown sugar does not make a girl feel very good at all!! She would swim in the Mammoth lakes in the spring until her core body temperature was nearly below freezing and then be bummed when we left and she couldn’t swim anymore in spite of the fact that she was almost frozen solid and shaking incessantly!! The way she learned to go off the houseboat slide and do a perfect water landing and let me tell you – there are few things quite as funny as seeing a big black dog hauling butt down a slide into the water right behind the person in front of her – and while she was definitely committed to being right behind you on the slide – she was not well versed in proper playground etiquette when it came to appropriate waiting times between sliders, so pretty much – if you didn’t want to get taken out – you had to counted to 5 before surfacing – otherwise you were certainly going to experience a large black fuzzy dog flying into you the moment you came up for air!! Enthusiasm was her forte.

She was a gentle soul – never fought with another dog, never bit anyone, never chased kitties – every bone in her body was made of sweetness and love. She always always wanted to please and as vet tech asked me when they were taking care of her during her most recent challenge of cancer….”Has she always been this nice???” Yes – Auggie was always always that nice.

And she was a trooper throughout her battle with cancer. She had a great attitude and her trust and love was enormous – so she took everything in stride – accepted the cards dealt her – and carried on with her Auggie ways. She impressed everyone with her recovery and outlook. Through it all – she was the Aug Dog!! She was adored by Jazz – her golden sister – and we are feeling a very very empty space in our home tonight. There will never be another one quite like her and I will cherish all the extra months that I was granted to spend time with her. The one thing I promised her when she first got cancer – was that I was going to take her to the beach and take her to Mammoth one more time!! Well, we did it – in the last months of her life – and here are some of the pictures from those two special outings. These memories are very special to me and I am grateful that I could keep my promise to her.