Meet Guinnevere! Adopted

Meet, Guinnevere, one of Avalon’s 5 pups born on May 30th .  Mama Avalon was a good mama, and it shows. 

Guinnevere has been growing and playing with her brother, Gawain (who was recently adopted), at their foster home since August 17th.

Guinnevere is a confident and a bit feisty girl, persistent in her play, and a bit bossy with her brother. Another active, tolerant pup to guide her is preferred; as well as a family willing to advance on her training and manners. Guinnevere loves to be near her humans and would probably like to sleep in your bed if that’s ok. Leash training, house training and regular exercise will be important as Guinnevere grows and asserts herself.

Guinnevere has been exposed to social situations and are very happy to greet people and dogs. They took to potty training well, but work is still needed in their new family. They’ve learned “sit” and “off”. They first would sleep together in a crate, but now they’ve grown and are comfortable sleeping on a blanket within their puppy pen. They have not chewed many items that are not theirs, but as she grows, curiosity will get the best of her, as well as those new teeth that are soon to show up.

We are looking for a family with dog experience, willing to train and commit to this lucky, active puppy. Guinnevere will be spayed, chipped, have all her vaccines and 1-year rabies at the time of adoption.

Please inquire to All interested families must have an application and home interview completed and on file to be considered for Guinnevere’s new family.

Guinevere’s adoption fee is $600



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