Barnabus is one of the cutest, sweetest cuddle-bugs we have known. He is sort of a big stuffed teddy-bear! He loves to be hugged and kissed and have his belly rubbed. He will follow you everywhere. He loves balls, and even goes after lemons on the ground thinking that they are toys! His fosters have told me that he is potty-trained, leaves their belongings intact and has good house manners. In the home and your yard, Barney is quite a good boy.

On the street, Barnabus becomes territorial and gets agitated by other dogs that he doesn’t know. He has been in a training routine to desensitize, and as you can see from the recent photos with his trainer, he can get along with other dogs once introduced correctly.He doesn’t like another dog to take his food, so feeding separately would work best. He is a big boy, so walking him with a good harness, such as the Easy Walk Harness is a good idea.

Barnabus would like a lot of human interaction in his forever home, but he can be left to his own devices for a few hours here and there. With the right match, he doesn’t need to be an only dog. Barney loves human guests, and people always fall in love with Barney!  We do feel an adult home or possibly with kids over 12 would be best.