Barrett – Always in our Hearts!

Bear (Barrett) lay silent, still, in front of the French doors this morning, early. We began our love affair, August, 2017. I had just lost my  precious Tessa Mae, the month before. No one was applying for Barrett–13.5, deaf, barker, separation anxiety.  My broken heart opened and let this boy into my life, into my pack. He was broken, in some ways, but had an innocence, a sweetness that surpassed any perceived deficiencies. He Was loved, and He Knew it. Nothing more to say.


August 9, 2017:

Barrett (Bear) has been adopted by one of the most wonderful families we know. One of our volunteers recently lost her lovely golden girl and was aching to fill the hole in her heart, and that of the resident dogs as well. Bear will now have all of the love and attention he can handle, and a couple of playmates to boot!  

Barrett’s Rescue Journey:  Extremely thin and deaf, poor Barrett was relinquished to rescue by his family of his entire 12 ½ years, after living spending the last few years living outside. He was very anxious when he first arrived, pacing and panting; but soon he started to warm up and settle into his new digs. He quickly became best friends with a little 12 lb terrier in foster care, chasing and playing…and barking!  Bear would chase Sadie around the house in a circle or wherever Sadie would lead him.  She would grab a toy and off they’d go…so darn cute, except the barking.  Barrett actually gained 5 lbs in foster care; it is up to his new mom to put another 10 on him. Happy life Barrett!