My husband picked up Baxter October 30, 2018 on a rainy night from an LA animal clinic.  We were not wise enough to tether him in the car, so of course he was jumping into my  husband’s lap as if to thank him for setting him “free.”  We had fostered four other Goldens through SCGRR, so we were anxious to have our furever friend.   We fell in love with Baxter right away- Goldens instantly find their way into the deepest part of your heart.  

He was our third Golden rescue, but he was definitely unique in his personality!  We discovered a few weeks after adopting him that he was quite the howler!  He loved to howl when we came home from work as if to say”  I am so glad you are home, let’s go for a walk!”  Baxter also was an amazing alarm clock for my husband and would walk into our bedroom after breakfast and howl at him.

This past summer he found his “mancave” in our house.  He was frequently found laying on our guest bathroom with his back against the tub and his head behind the toilet!  

In June we rescued a female Golden from SCGRR who was in desperate need of a mellow companion.  Baxter became the perfect brother and protector to our Bella.

On November 6th, just a year and a week of him being part of our family, we had to make the most excruciating decision of freeing him to the Rainbow Bridge.  Without any clinical symptoms, he was diagnosed with liver and spleen cancer.  Even after surgery, his life span would be only a few months.  

The length you have a Golden does not determine the depth of sorrow… we loved with our whole hearts and we know he loved us as well.  Baxter, your foster brothers, Billy and Tucker, were there to greet you when you crossed the bridge.  You were our favorite hello and hardest goodbye.  

You are forever with us.  Mama, Daddy and Sissy Bella White