Meet Biscuity & BearBear!

Meet Bear (German Shepherd) & Buiscuit (Golden Retriever) a bonded pair that we puled from a shelter after their Rescue Cordinator called us asking for scgrr to help these two sweeties.

Biscuit – Golden Retriever 

Biscuit is sweet,  mellow older Gentleman that is friendly  to everyone he meets. Although lying down and resting is his favorite thing to do, he still plays a little with his brother.  He is not a fan of getting up the stairs, not because he is having problems going up them, but because he just too lazy to be bothered. But once he realizes that we all left him he will most of the time come to join us or sometimes he is just fine staying downstair by himself. 

 He likes to go out, whether it’s for a car ride or an evening walk in the neighborhood.  He happily gets into the car but does need some help to lift the ‘bottom part of the body’.  He enjoys his walks and is very well behaved and has good leash manners.  Biscuit is fine with other dogs, as long as they don’t get in his face and bother him and if they do, he will give them a warning. The warning is not an aggressive kind, but just to let other dogs know that he is not interested in getting to know them. He is currently living with a Foster sister and has not shown any aggression towards her. 

His house manners are really good, he just had one accident in the house.  But I later figure out that he just need to pee a little more frequently which I think it’s normal for his age.  He doesn’t counter surf, and will leave his foster’s Mom things alone.   

Biscuit has a stubborn streak and if he gets a hold of something he likes, toy or chew, he will hold tight and not easily let it go.  He doesn’t get mad if I try to get it from him, to him, it’s just a game.  He is just holding it tight in his mouth and waits till you give up. He needs work on taking treats from your hand because he is not gentle. It’s like he is taking the whole thing, treat and the hand—, definately needs to work on that.  If the food is reachable, he will not hesitate to try and get it! Because of this, we feel he would do better in a house with no small children.  

Bear – German Shepherd 

He is a play-play-play teenager and the biggest goofball. 

Bear has the typical beautiful look of a German Shepherd and to most he might look a little scary when you first see him, but he has a soft heart and a gentle way about him.  He may look dominant but he is submissive to people and will lay down and show you his belly for belly rubs when he see you ~~!  He loves to be around people and get as much love and petting as he can get. He is a playful, tail wagging, goofball and he reminds me of the class clown. Always doing something to get a smile on your face.  

Bear needs to learn the proper way to approach and play with other dogs. After the initial smelling each other, Bear likes to use his hand (paw) to pat other dogs.  It’s his funny way of telling them, Ok I want to play, but to other dogs it can be construted as a challenge. Bear reminds me of my youngest son growing up, wanted to make friends, but just wasn’t very adept at communicating that. All Bear wants to do is play, play, and play. After all, he is only 3 years old and still in the playful puppy stage.  

He LOVES to play fetch, or should I say catch because he catches the toy in mid air most of the time!  He walks great on the leash IF there is no distraction.  He is attracted by moving objects and will try to go after them.  The other day, he tried to catch a flying beetle!  Ha (The goofball attitude) He does shows some hesitation when cars are passing by him and will pauses and look a few seconds then keep walking.  Unlike his brother, he follows me upstairs and lay next to me to get cuddles. 

Bear has excelent house manners and will let you know when he has to go outside. He doesn’t chew or counter surf and is a true younger gentleman and a lovebug.

Biscuits & Bear

Bear is very much attached to Biscuit and will look for him when he is out of his sight. The relationship they have is like a little brother looking up to his big brother with total trust and love for him. When Bear was neutered at the selter, he was placed in a kennel by himself. He would not drink or eat and cried, so they moved him back with his big brother and Bear instantly stopped crying and started to drink and eat. Bear is very much attached to Biscuit and we would never think of separating them. 

They are both fine in a crate and they will go in there for a nap often during the day with the door open.  They sleep well thru the night and have a happy smile and wagging tails waiting for you in the morning. They rarely bark, Biscuits normally can care less about his environment, but if Bear starts barking or chasing something, then Biscuit will ‘support’ him. 

 We took them out to stores and a dog friendly cafe and they were totally at ease with it all.  They were well behaved and stayed calm and loved watching all the different people they encountered. There was a  big group of parents and little kids in the outdoor cafe and neither Bear or Biscuit showed any interest in approaching them or seemed uncomfortable with the situation.  On two separate occasions, a little girl came to pet them, after asking if it was ok, and Bear and Biscuit just stood there and really looked like they were enjoying the attention and petting.  I do have to say, both girls were dog lovers, very gentle and their parents were equally smitten with Bear & Biscuit. 

If you feel that you could give these two gentle souls a wonderful home and would like to make them a big part of your family then please contact their Rep at

Prior to contacting her, please ensure that you have completed BOTH your on line application as well as had your in home interview with one of our volunteers, otherwise, I will be unable to consider you.

BearBear & Buiscuity’s adoption fee is $ 850

BearBear ID # 4976 & Biscuity’s ID # 5076