Benny *Always in our hearts

October 2016

Early 2008 we lost our golden retriever— Buddy.  We had rescued him 10 years earlier from the Tara Foundation. We were devastated and feeling the one big empty spot in our family.
Benny (AKA –Yoyo) came into our lives July 12, 2008.  Karen Hoffman from SCGRR brought Benny to our home and we immediately fell in love with him!  He was a young energetic beautiful boy.  Benny instantly became a member of the family.  He was there all thru my children’s high school years– always someone there to rub his belly.  He was there for all the graduations –high school and college.  He even had to adjust to having a chihuahua in the house when my daughter came home from college for the summer with her new dog.  Benny shared his bed with him!  Benny was an exceptionally sweet boy.  Everyone in the neighborhood knew Benny.  Benny loved his road trips— to Las Vegas, PaloAlto and Palm Desert. We were hoping to have many more years with him; sadly he passed in October after a short illness. But the time we did have with our sweet boy Benny are filled with great memories.