Biscuit *Always in our hearts

Sweet, sweet Biscuit came to us today and left us a few hours later.  Her owner turned her into us.  Once we got her into our care, one of our volunteers ran  to the closest Carls Jr. and bought Biscuit a Double Bacon Cheeseburger.   Biscuit’s tail began wagging and she gobbled it up! Yum!  She was 14 years old, and had a very large tumour growing on the side of her neck.  It was bleeding and was necrotic; the smell was unbearable.

After the burger, one of our volunteers rode her down to the vets, with all the windows open, all while singing to and petting the ears of Biscuit.   We took her into a room and the staff and doctors came to give her some ear pets and nose kisses before she left us.  Biscuit, you may have been in our care for very short moments, but we loved you. As she laid down she licked the hand of the volunteer, who knew at that moment Biscuit was saying, “Thank you.”