Meet BlackJack ~ Adopted!

Meet Blackjack, Onyx’s brother. They’re about 4-6 yrs old, and came to us from Mexio.
Together they lived isolated in a small enclosure outside his entire life and was not exposed to learning opportunities. When he came to us for fostering, he did not know many of the very basic things any family dog would learn early in life. He was very skinny and malnourished with his hair falling off in chunks, dry scaley patches, matted fuzzy areas, and hardly any fur on his underbelly. In his brown eyes you could see he longed for human kindness.
We feel Blackjack needs a family who will be patient and spend time daily to continue his manners train and go on daily long walks. NO dog parks. NO small dogs. NO cats (untested). He likes some activity through the day and probably would be happy to have another large dog around to play with, but he also loves humans attention so he might be very happy as a single dog in the family. He is good with older kids (12+). We don’t know about smaller children. He is pretty good at taking naps during the day and love to spend time outside.
When he and his brother arrived at the end of September, Blackjack did not know what a treat was. Or what a toy was. He did not know how to walk on a leash – he was afraid and always hungry. He spent his first few days with us hiding and sleeping outside. He would peek around the plants to check out the new humans sitting up there with their current pup, Blaze (formerly Peewee the Parvo Puppy) . Because he was very skinny he’s been fed yummy “supplements” along with the kibbles. Added yummies like sardines or other no salt canned fish (he loves sardines!) and raw eggs have helped his skin heal. We also received antibiotics and Micanozole spray incase.
It took him an entire week to gain some confidence and come closer to sniff and stay around his fosters after he got his food. After learning that there is no shortage of food, slowly started to relax and try to be more social. He would follow Blaze around – laying on the porch, climbing on the couch, laying nearby wherever the humans went in and out of the house. He is still afraid of loud noises in general (fireworks, garbage trucks, etc.) but sometimes he is still disturbed even by common households noises such as a vacuum or an electric knife. When this happens he tends to run and hide but it helps to talk to him, assure him it is ok and just give him the head and ears pets. He started to sleep thru the night and in general be more relaxed.
He began learning words: “ come” “your food” “wait” “treat” “off”. He learned the doggie door very quickly and never had any accidents in the house. He gets excited and jumps on you. He is a counter surfer but responds well when he is told off. He is showing a lot of affection, a very sweet nature and seems to be very loyal. His favorite, after a month spent with us, is just staying around for head ears and neck rubs. He is not a velcro dog, he will give you space, but loves to be around at a comfortable distance. He is taking his role as a guarding dog very seriously! He is very good with big dogs, plays well with his foster brother and does not show any food or toys guarding or any aggressiveness. He gets pets while he eats and he never shown any signs of being bothered. He is very good meeting new people and visitors, he comes to sniff and say hi and then he minds his own business. He loves to greet new medium and large size dogs on walks.
We do not recommend dog parks, or nose-to-nose greetings with small dogs. He occasionally becomes aggressive with the little dogs – not all, just certain ones. We would like to see his new family work on behavior modifying Blackjack’s reaction to small dogs.
To summarize, we believe he would need a calmer environment, outdoor space with free access in and out the house, someone who is committed to continue to work on training, rules, limitations and mental stimulation. He cannot be with a family with small dogs, so the adoption family should be committed to follow some strict restrictions:
1- always on leash when in public.
2- always be aware he is reactive to small dogs
3- No dog parks where he could approach any small dogs.
Blackjack is up-to-date on all shots, chipped, registered. If you have completed your application and home interview with, and feel your home would be a perfect fit for Blackjack, please inquire to his representative at .

Blackjack #5525 minimum adoption fee is $500.