Bonnie and Clyde

These little Ganstas busted out of the joint and have vowed to make better choices, with guidance that is. Leaving their past as a breeding pair behind, they are ready for a new ‘leash’ on life.

Bonnie and Clyde are very sweet dogs with lovely temperaments. Both are housebroken and have not been destructive in the home or yard. They play nicely together with toys and with each other and since they have each other, they are not needy for human companionship 24/7. Both are big love-bugs and like to sleep in bed with their people and snuggle on the sofa. They also love road trips but life has always been an adventure for these two.

The result of being used only for breeding is their lack of obedience and leash training. They pull on leash and have been busted counter surfing more than once. This is not a pair to be adopted then be left to their own devices all day long. That is what got them into trouble in the first place! Bonnie and Clyde need a family willing to work on the most basic training of training which should not be difficult because they are so smart and very treat motivated. They are not destructive with items left lying about such as shoes, etc. and have kept to their own chew toys for entertainment.

Though they came in as a bonded pair, they have been evaluated independently. Consideration to split them will be made given the circumstances of each adoptive home as together they can be a handful but top priority would go to a family willing to take and work with both. Clyde’s behaviors are puppy-like. He needs a lot of exercise and a training. He responds well to correction and positive reinforcement but needs a strong leader as he gets very excited when meeting new people and dogs. Bonnie needs work on leash, knows ‘sit’ and is much calmer overall, probably because she is used to puppies crawling all over her. She greets people and dogs in a much calmer fashion and tends to be the more submissive of the two.

They have not been exposed to cats and due to Clyde’s over-exuberant interest in just about everything, it is probably best for them to live in a feline free environment. They have also lived with kids but again, their lack of training precludes their placement in a home with small children.