Meet Braydon, a little guy with a big heart! We don’t know much about Braydon’s past, but we do know he will be someone’s Golden dream come true!

The good news is he is pretty good in the house, is potty trained, and is super sweet.  The not so good news, Braydon is a dedicated counter surfer and will steal anything within reach. He is not picky whether it is a sponge, a newspaper or your dinner…all these things suit him just fine. His foster family is working on this but he is very persistent. Braydon loves water buffalo horns, Nylabones and stuffed Kongs, so it is pretty easy to distract him.

Braydon is a certified ‘toyaholic’ and loves all toys.  Braydon is all about food, play and love. He has learned that sitting gets him lots of pets and attention, so he is starting to offer this behavior a lot. Braydon doesn’t know many other commands at this point, so training will be a must for his forever family.

Braydon is a medium high energy guy.  He really loves his daily walks and his leash skills have improved remarkably. He is good with other dogs as long as they aren’t alpha. He is very interested in chasing cats, and has not been tested with small children.

Braydon’s forever family should be active, patient as he learns, and willing to do training. With a little time, Braydon is going to be an ideal companion.