Meet Broonzy!

Broonzy is a sweet, fun loving nine-month old male who brings entertainment and laughs to anyone around him. Broonzy has a great disposition, loves to cuddle, and is very sociable with other dogs and people. Broonzy has a couple of physical issues which affect his daily life but his attitude and playfulness more than offset what limitations he has. Although Broonzy is a special needs dog he has so much to offer that would make him a great, loving addition to any home.
Broonzy was born with an underdeveloped cerebellum which is the part of the brain which controls fine nerve to muscle signals and affects his coordination. He has seen a neurologist and an MRI confirmed this diagnosis. This affects his physical mobility, giving him a wobbly walk, which can cause him to fall over from time to time. It is not known whether he will remain the same or will there be some progression or regression over his lifetime. Research indicates that physical therapy could help. His food motivation could make him a candidate for therapy.
Broonzy was also born with eye issues. An ophthalmology exam confirms he is blind in his right eye due to cataracts which will require eye drops the rest of his life to prevent glaucoma from developing. His left eye shows a smaller cataract which could possibly be aided by cataract surgery. Testing would be required to determine if he is a good candidate for surgery.
Despite these issues Broonzy has many great qualities in addition to the ones mentioned above:
• He loves to play with his toys, play tug of war and wrestle with our dogs.
• He likes to do quick walks if he is with other dogs. His coordination is better when he is moving at a faster pace.
• He has not shown any aggression toward any people or dogs on his walks or when people and other dogs come into our home.
• He has also shown no food or toy aggression and has not been destructive.
• He is crate trained if you need to go somewhere during the day.
• He travels well-he is good in the car!
As a special needs puppy there are some things that Broonzy’s family will need to work on.
• We believe that possibly due to the eyesight issues, Broonzy overcompensates by being mouthy as a sensory indicator but he does not bite aggressively. There are some training methods that can be applied to help address this issue. We have seen improvement.
• Due to his propensity to try and swallow small things, it is especially important that small toys, socks and bits of clothing etc., not be available to him.
• Broonzy is a counter surfer so you need to be aware of not leaving things he can reach.
• He is not completely house broken. Many times he will let know when he needs to go out but because of his brain issue he will go before being let out. Free access to a yard would be extremely helpful.
• At this time, he should be on a special high fiber food to help his digestive system.
Broonzy will need to go to a home that has other dogs. He is very playful but will back off when the other dogs indicate that he needs to. Having a companion also helps him keep physically and mentally stimulated. Due to his mouthiness he cannot be with young children or older people with thin skin. He should be in a one-story home with someone who is home most of the time or works from home.
After reading this bio it should be very evident that Broonzy will require a lot of attention, love and patience. There also could be a financial commitment involved in helping him address and work with his issues. That being said, Broonzy will bring a lot of love and happiness to his new home. If you feel you are up to working with a special needs dog, please make sure that you have completed the online application and had the home interview done. Please email his Rep at and let him know how Broonzy will fit into your lives. 
His adoption fee is $600
Broonzy’s ID# 5394