Meet Bunnie & Flimby!

Meet Flimby (Toby) and Bunnie (Harley) , 9 month old brother & sister, together since birth and a joy to have in one’s life. They are full of love and affection for each other and for their humans. We love them bunches. We’re looking for an energetic, training-experienced family to give them a happy furever home.

If you’re ready for a double bundle of joy and rock’n and roll’n… good fun training, please inquire. Bunnie is the adventurous one. Flimby trots right along to join in the fun. They’re both super sweet. They love each other and must be adopted together.

Talk about “the odd couple.” 111 lbs vs 63 lbs. Calm and mellow vs jumpy party-animal. Funny thing is, they don’t know it. Have you ever met a Great Dane that thinks he’s a Golden Retriever or a Golden who thinks she’s a Great Dane? Well, you will. They’re kind, learning obedience and eager to please.

They both pull on the leash. Flimby can kiss your chin (no problem) while Bunnie jumps to give kisses and gently nips. Chew? Yep I guess they both chew stuff (what do you expect? They’re 9 months old). Lap dog vs ok sitting at your feet (guess which one’s the lap dog???) Big/Little bandits? Yep, they like to play hide-and-seek with your stuff (most of the time it will still be intact when you find it). Flimby barks – Bunnie doesn’t. Only Bunnie likes the water (those Golden genes). They do share bones and toys nicely.

They have learned a lot in their foster home: how to take over a double bed, how to leap across the couch, how to go potty outside (and where the door is). How to sit and take treats nicely. How to meet other dogs on leash (lots of barking, but they’re good with other dogs). How to eat out of their own bowls (Bunnie steels food from Flimby). How NOT to nap in their crates (all of a sudden, they prefer the foster son’s bed, go figure…..)

For their new family, we prefer an experienced human pack – these guys have some catching up to do. Plus, they LOVE attention and we want them to have lots of “hands on holding”. Kids are ok, but we prefer older teens, as Bunnie can be a little mouthy (and we don’t want little ones thinking that Flimby is a horse to ride) A large yard. A family who remembers what it’s like to have TWIN PUPPIES, and one who’s name is BAD BUNNIE (we love her, she’s so mischievous and energetic).

They are both 9 months old: adoption fee minimum request is $600 each. Flimby will be recently neutered and require his new family to do the after-care. If your home interview has been completed by, please inquire to Flimby and Bunnie’s representative at

At age 9 month old the adoption fee is $1200 for both
ID # 4926 & 4927