Meet Canelo! Adopted

*** Adoption Application & In-Home Interview must have been completed to apply***
Meet Canelo (spanish for cinnamon), sweet, loyal and charming, but with a pinch of rascal just to keep you on your toes. All of his early life after the first couple of months was spent outdoors looking inside, with little opportunity for human interaction, and no training of any kind. His family had no interest in him nor the time he required and luckily for him, were happy to sell him (intact) for a few hundred dollars. All in all, it turned out to be a great turn of events for this big guy.
Now Canelo spends his days enjoying family life inside. He wakes up early to enjoy his morning breakfast. After a sufficient break, Connie (his foster mom’s nickname) is ready for his morning walk or off-leash run. When he returns home, he’ll do errands with his foster
mom, play with his foster fur brother or just nap for a bit before he goes for a second walk. After lunch Canelo likes to nap until he takes a late afternoon or early evening walk. The rest of the night he likes to roughhouse with his brother or play with his foster mom.
Canelo is most comfortable if allowed to choose where he wants to sleep – in bed with his mom or in another part of the house, but always inside of course. As a young goofy pup, Connie needs firm direction to mature into the wonderful companion he will certainly become. He is beginning to pick up on a few commands like sit, down and come (or pretends to!). He is a smart boy that can be surprisingly calm for his age. He appears easily trainable by the seasoned dog owner or under the tutelage of a positive trainer. Though still at the impulsive stage, Canelo listens and is easily motived by high-value treats and enthusiastic praise. In terms of work left unfinished, this young guy needs to focus on his indoor house manners. After all he’s a young guy who spent a lot of time outside. He enjoys jumping around, especially on your bed and furniture.
Canelo is also the consummate food thief (from your hand, table or counters). He likes to mark after female pups that have accidents. Otherwise he’s comfortably house broken. He is young, and still in the chewing stage, and he will grab and chew paper, books, shoes, and other items he can get his mouth on and around. Speaking of mouths, he is very mouthy, especially if playing or is nervous about something. His leash manners need some attention-he will dart back and forth ahead of you if you’ll let him, and gets very excited when he sees new people, especially ones with dogs, and his foster mom is working with him making him sit and wait til they pass. However, he’s still a puppy and entitled to enjoy his childhood, along with the right firm but loving direction and training to help him become the best boy that he can be.
What will it take to make this good boy a member of your family? He’d like people who are active and will take him for at least two long walks a day. He also has voiced a strong preference for a dog brother or sister to play with and a yard to play in. He likes to play rough with his foster fur brother and sister, and he can be somewhat overwhelming for his smaller, shyer fur sister, so he might do best with another dog closer to his own size until he learns to gear his play for smaller dogs. He would also do best with someone who is home much of the time, maybe working from home or SAHM mom (not just during these strange times we are living in, but also during “normal” times, if they ever come back)-he is still a pup and should not at this point be left to his own devices for 8+ hours a day.
Given Canelo’s rambunctious age- his mouthing, chewing, over the top running in the house, and bouncing on and off of both furniture and people, we will only place Canelo with dog-savvy children that are over age 7-8 years. To apply for Canelo, please ensure that BOTH your on line application as well as your in home interview are completed, otherwise we are unable to consider you or your family for this handsome boy.
If you are good to go, please contact our rep at and write us to share why you want Canelo and how you will be the best forever family for him.
At 1 year of age, the minimum adoption donation for Canelo is $800.
Canelo’s ID# 5392