Meet Carla! Medical Hold

This sweet girl was found as a stray by a good Samaritan. When an owner could not be located and believing Carla was a golden retriever given her fluffy coat and kind nature, this pup was turned in to golden retriever rescue. We knew upon meeting her she was not a golden retriever, rather a great pyrenees. Before considering adoption, a potential adopter should research the breed. While large, fluffy and gentle, GPs do tend to be more independent than a typical golden.
Independent is a good word to describe Carla. She loves to be in the room with her fosters and will come up and nudge them for pets and attention, but then will go and find her own comfy corner to sleep in. She is laid back and definitely has a passion for napping. While she’s independent and content to chill and nap as you work, she’s always willing to go on long walks with you or adventures in cars. She is good company. We’d prefer she find a home where someone is home more often than not as she seems to have a little separation anxiety when left alone. When left alone she gotten into some things, and chewed a couple things up.
Her current foster is in an apartment, so Carla hasn’t been tested too extensively in a yard. The little bit she’s been left alone in the yard, she seems to do great. We also know time spent with her in a yard she is so happy and loves to go on patrol. On walks, she prefers to be off leash and be free to chase bunnies and lizards. We’re looking for a home with a good sized yard. As a great pyrenees, Carla is strong and tall. She walks well on a leash, but is quite interested in chasing bunnies and can be stubborn if you want her to go somewhere she is not interested.
Her height means she can easily reach any counter without the need to jump up. She likes to remove mail off counters and help ensure you keep surfaces tidy. Carla gets along well with other dogs she’s met and is gentle with children. Toys are seemingly a new thing for her. We haven’t tested her with a cat, but likely it would take her some time to realize the cat is not a bunny to be chased. Although it appears Carla has given birth to one or more litters of puppies, she came to us already spayed. She was also microchipped, although the chip was never registered. It is clear she was in a loving home at some point.
Before coming in to rescue Carla was shaved apparently to get rid of mats. She had ear infections which the rescue treated with both medicine and an ear flush/clean under anesthesia. As with all our rescue dogs, she is fully up to date on all vaccinations and has no continuing medical issues we are aware of. Carla needs a strong, patient and loving person or family to help her know she can trust you. In return you will have the best companion anyone could hope for. Carla has stolen the hearts of her foster, but they know she needs to be in a house with a yard.
If she’s stolen your heart too and you’d like to welcome Carla into your life please contact her rep at You must have both an application on file and your in home interview complete before you can be considered.

At 4 to 5 years old, her adoption fee is $500.

Carla’s ID# 4930