Meet Carmichael! Adopted

Say hello to Carmichael. Picked up as a stray, he was super skinny and his coat was coarse and falling out in clumps with areas of patchy dry skin. Now, with an abundance of TLC from his foster family, he is putting on weight and his fur is soft and shiny. He’s not a super large golden ~60 lbs. but he still needs a little weight on him.
Carmichael is not picky and sleeps all over the house – on the floor, dog beds, outside patio, and couches. At night he sleeps in bed with his human foster sister, and is a joy to share a bed with – not a bed hog or super fidgety, he loves snuggles and cuddling.
Initially Carmichael seemed unfamiliar with many of the daily exposures/experiences normal middle aged dogs are used to. He now knows some basic commands, has almost conquered counter surfing (water bottle and ‘down’ seem to work) he is overall very polite and wants to please, and is a fast learner ( he learned the dog door on day #1 ).  He was afraid of getting in and out of the car but now has grown to like it, as it usually ends at the dog park or playdate. Walks seemed to be new to him but he adjusted quickly and enjoys them if they are not too long and the weather is not too hot. Recently he has been going to the dog park and he LOVES it! Playing with other dogs and running around are the highlight of his day. He’s super social to all, both two and four-legged.
Carmichael’s day is pretty chill. Breakfast between 8-9 am after potty. Then playtime with ball (he loves fetching and bringing it back to you!) then lounging. A short walk around the neighborhood and more cuddle/play time throughout day. He loves chewing on bones and his toys. Late afternoon recently has been dog park or another light walk followed by dinner at 6 pm. He is the perfect boy -energetic enough to be fun, but not overly so. Completely happy to lounge and he can keep himself busy with toys and bones. He loves being outside on the patio and in the backyard, even left out there to his own devices. He’s not interested in the pool and we haven’t pushed it – he may like it but with everything seeming new to him, we have been taking things slow.
Carmichael is not a big barker but he will bark when appropriate – he doesn’t keep it up but just does his job to alert his foster family. He’s really a mellow boy. The shelter had pegged him at around 8 years old, but he acts like a much younger dog – maybe 5 or 6 at most.
This boy is the perfect gentleman in the shower and loved every minute of his pampering shampoo and blow out! He stands quietly, and just lets it all happen without a fuss. He LOVES being brushed and his foster mom has spent many an hour making him gorgeous! No need for a crate – he is a good houseguest (other than his proclivity for toilet paper so keep the bathroom door closed!) He is halter and leash trained, and walks well, however he does want to meet/greet every person and dog so we have been working on that. If it’s too hot or the walk is too long, he will put on the brakes and not walk any more – he’s done, so starting slowly with distance is advised. He is very smart and eager to please, and has learned quite a bit in the short time he has been at his foster home. He appears to have a prey drive and will chase smaller animals, however we did introduce him recently to our foster kittens and he is quite interested, wanting to nuzzle, smell and play with them. They are too small to really interact but I would be surprised if he would not be ok with a cat. He does try to play with my desert tortoise and he barks a lot at her, but she is definitely NOT interested, ha!
This guy’s temperament is amazing – he’s mellow and cuddly, smart and affectionate, and mainly goes with the flow. Not a big kisser or licker, every now and then the sweet little kisses come. He does try to greet people with an almost hug, not a jump per se, but definitely wants to be up front and put his paws on your shoulders. His foster family have worked on ‘down’ and he’s gotten so much better.
Carmichael seems to respond well to a variety of correction techniques – not that he needs a lot. Firm tone, positive reinforcement, putting him out in yard by himself for a short time out, spray bottle, etc all work. He has never nipped or shown any aggression in any form. He will lunge to meet a new dog if on the leash, but out of excitement and curiosity. Car rides seem to be new but he is now comfortable enough that he gets in and out without an issue – he sits and likes the window down – he’s really good. He is a calm, sweet, playful, medium activity dog. He shows no food/toy resource guarding, and easily lets things be taken from him. That said, he certainly enjoys his food and would LOVE to indulge in some of his humans food, but a firm ‘no’ or a spray with water bottle keeps him from jumping up during meal/cooking times.
Carmichael would love a home where he gets short walks during the day, dog parks and/or doggie play dates, cuddling, being brushed, another friendly canine to hang with, treats, chewing bones and lounging. He would do great in any home where he gets showered with love and attention – he is not a needy dog, nor is he an anxious dog, he’s just a lover boy looking for his own special home.
If you have completed BOTH your on line application, as well as your in home interview, and have the things we are looking for for this sweet boy, please contact his rep at

At approximately 7 y/o, the minimum adoption donating for Carmichael is $500

Carmichael’s ID# 5467