Meet Charity! Adoption pending

Meet Charity!! “Cherry” is a 4 1/2 month old puppy with a beautiful brindle coat who came to us from Mexico with her sister Faith. She is spayed, chipped, up-to-date on her shots and is ready to meet her forever family.

Cherry is SUPER affectionate. She loves her humans! When in resting mode, she is always either sitting at your feet, laying on your lap or laying next to you or giving you a hug. She has a very sweet disposition and is very trainable. She sleeps all night long in her crate, and travels beautifully in her crate in the car. She knows how to sit for treats, is potty trained and will go on demand! She eats 3 times a day and gobbles down her food. She knows her name as Cherry, and understands the commands: No, Ah ah ah, sit, stay, go potty, outside, ready to eat and good girl – which she knows as something super positive because she gets big love.

Cherry can be VERY active. She has about 5-6 spurts a day of major activity. She’ll play fetch for hours if you let her. She’s learning to ‘drop’, but still wants to play tug of war. She’ll run around and around the house or the back yard like a crazy girl and plays endlessly with her stuffed animals and toys – she especially likes the squeakers. She has great recall and will come when called, even when she’s busy exploring.

Cherry is very inquisitive and explores easily. She is awesome with other dogs as well. She plays well, rolls over on her back to give up her belly, but isn’t intimidated. She’s great with kids who are used to puppy activity, Since she is a puppy, she will need a lot of attention and a good long walk every day. She would be great in a home with other dogs, so she could have playmates.

The only issues we’ve observed so far are that she gets a nervous when she hears deep, big dog barks. And she’s not very comfortable outside in the dark. She is fine if the patio lights are on, but if it’s very dark, she would like company when she goes outside.

If you feel you have the perfect environment for Charity and would like to give her a forever home, please contact her rep Sharon, at   Please do NOT contact unless you have completed the application process, which consists of both the on line adoption application, as well as the in home interview, as we are unable to consider your request otherwise.  

At 4 ½ months old, the minimum adoption donation for sweet Charity is $600

Charity’s ID# 5172